‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Slammed as Free Gifts Roll In

Sister Wives star Christine Brown puts a hat on Truely Brown and snaps a picture to thank whoever it was that sent her daughter this gift. This is not the first post from Kody Brown’s third wife thanking a follower for a gift. Now it seems as this continues, she hits a sour note with some fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Welcomes Gifts?

This Sister Wives “fun wife,” as Kody calls her, posted a photo of Ysabel Brown recently wrapped in a handmade crocheted blanket. Christine thanked the person who sent it to her daughter. The blanket was no little gift, it looks like it would go for a hefty price at a craft fair.

For as long as celebrities graced the stage and screen, fans have sent them gifts. So what Christine experiences today is nothing new. But fans of the Sister Wives series think she’s promoting this.

Christine did take to social media within the last few weeks to make a plea for more sales to her Sister Wives followers. During the event of a live sale to her online group, Christine asked her fans to buy as much as they can. That’s because the money she makes now is going towards a $50,000 down payment on her daughter’s surgery.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown

Christine More Outspoken Than Her Sister Wives?

It seems the financial problems plaguing the Sister Wives clan keep adding up. Maybe this is why fans keep sending gifts to the kids? It’s not known if the other Sister Wives family members receive gifts from fans. But if they do, they appear to keep it to themselves.

Christine Brown is probably the most outspoken out of all the Sister Wives spouses. Before TLC could announce the renewal of the series for the past few seasons, either Christine or one of her kids actually confirmed filming.

Unlike Meri Brown, who seems to tread carefully when talking about anything in life, Christine has a tendency to blurt stuff out. Meri appears to talk in riddles, or cryptic messages as some fans call them. She plays it safe by letting fans assume but never naming names. But Christine doesn’t appear to think over what she’s about to post.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown Blanket

The Gifts Keep Coming

Some Sister Wives enthusiasts think that Christine’s “thank yous” to the fans who sent gifts, promotes even more gifts at her doorstep. So how do the fans know Christine Brown’s address?

The address is in the public records for real estate owned by the Sister Wives adults. Also, fans who purchase her stuff online probably get her address as the return address on the parcel.

Either way, the flood gates opened after this last gift popped up with a thank you from Christine Brown online. Here it is July but she had Truely in winter cap for the thank you post.

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