‘Sister Wives’: Meri Waits For Christine to Reveal She’s Pregnant?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown offers insight into Christine Brown as the third bride from this plural marriage reveals good news Sunday night. After watching Christine in the first two episodes of this TLC new season, it’s obvious something is going on with her. But it sounds like Meri Brown has a feeling as to what’s behind it all and she kept it to herself. That is until Christine announced the Sister Wives’ spouses.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Baby Maker, Not Robyn?

Last week a sarcastic Robyn Brown took issue with the Sister Wives patriarch discussing more babies. He did this during their visit with their friends, who also happen to practice polygamy. Robyn made sure to let her feelings fly while on camera.

She wasn’t impressed that Kody Brown shared the fate of her reproductive system on national television. She wished that he talked with her before blurting out that he’d like more kids.

Kody didn’t say it was Robyn who he aimed to put in the family way. But Robyn apparently assumed she was the target. She then piped up to say how her Sister Wives co-wives are beyond having kids. So to her, it’s obvious that Kody was talking about her reproductive system.

Well, Meri seems to put a kibosh on that thought. What Meri blurts out just after Christine makes her reveal offered a few clues as to baby-making these days. It seems Meri gave a few hints into the behind-the-scenes workings of the Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Three Ladies Slighted?

What Robyn said about her fellow Sister Wives ladies last week sounded as if she put herself above the other wives for this task. It probably wasn’t intentional. But Robyn seemed to slight the other wives, who she considers her sisters.

Fans assumed it was the ages of the three older wives that Robyn took into consideration. When she said they were beyond having babies, some fans took it as Robyn thought they were too old.

She is almost a decade younger than the three other Sister Wives women. Robyn is 42, Meri is 50 and Janelle is 51, but Christine is still in her late forties at 48. But when Christine Brown started to reveal her exciting news, Meri Brown seemed sure she already knew it.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown- Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Drops Some Insider Clues?

The scene plays out with Christine Brown sharing her excitement on this Sunday’s episode. After Christine makes her announcement, Meri blurts out how she was ready for Christine to tell them she was pregnant. So, apparently, she didn’t and that wasn’t Christine’s big reveal.

Sister Wives fans won’t know what Christine is so excited about until this Sunday’s episode rolls out. But Meri seemed to think there was a possibility that bride number three was pregnant. So what does that say?

So apparently, Robyn thinks she’s the last of the Sister Wives baby-makers. But it looks like at least one of the other wives, Meri, disagrees. If she thought Christine harbored pregnancy news this means it’s not an impossible feat. After all, Meri is the matriarch of this large family.

The ladies seem very aware of their shared hubby’s coming and goings. From what they’ve said, they chat among themselves about Kody when he’s not around. So, it looks like Meri Brown thinks there’s a chance for Christine Brown to give birth to the Sister Wives child number 19. So, maybe Kody isn’t as monogamous these days as the chatter suggests.

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