‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Has Wake Up Call – Christine Fishes for Compliments?

Sister Wives Season 14 is just a few weeks away with Meri Brown and Christine Brown doing their best to keep fans interested. While waiting anxiously for the new season to roll out, Sister Wives fans head to social media for all the Brown family updates.

Sister Wives Update: Meri Brown the Online Frequent Flyer

Kody Brown’s wife Christine Brown posts frequently but not as much as Sister Wives‘ Meri Brown. Kody’s wife Janelle offers a post on her kids once in a while. But Robyn has posted nothing in the last several months.

Kody Brown keeps himself scarce on social media since the last season ended. Now with Season 14 of Sister Wives almost here, Kody is popping up more often. He’s seen in photos that his wives share online.

It seems Meri Brown found her niche when dealing with Sister Wives followers. She seldom shares posts about her life within the Sister Wives clan. Maybe she got tired of people spinning the thing she did say into an entirely different meaning. But fans still think she says a lot about her life with the messages she posts.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown

Meri Shed Some Unwanted Baggage?

Meri Brown’s latest message above describes a different type of journey today. This journey is not one where you move ahead and take on new traits. No, she describes a journey where you shed those unwanted traits picked up along the way through life.

Meri Brown offers this quote but fans of the Sister Wives celeb don’t know exactly why she posted it. Her online followers may find this message sounding rather cryptic just like they’ve dubbed many of Meri’s messages in recent months.

Is this something pertaining to Meri Brown or does she just like what it says? Again, she leaves plenty of room for the Sister Wives enthusiasts to make assumptions.

First of all, if this is Meri reflecting on her own life, it sounds as if she had a sudden wake-up call. One that made her realize she’s not the person she was meant to be.

This leaves fans wondering if Meri took stock in herself lately. Did that result in her finding some unwanted traits? Now it sounds like she’s working at getting back to the real Meri Brown. That is if this message is about her own Sister Wives journey.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Baits Her Fans

While Meri Brown’s post seems to offer up some deep meaning, Christine Brown sounds like she’s fishing for compliments with what she posted online. Christine Brown, the third wife from Sister Wives, shares with her fans her addiction to the TV show – This Is Us.

That was one way to start a conversation. But then Christine asked her fans to share their favorite show. Of course, this is a Sister Wives website and the people following Christine Brown probably watch her show. So what did she expect the fans to say? Well, they did offer up their favorite show… Sister Wives. 

Whether or not Meri is in a back to basics-mode by trying to be the person she was meant to be, that message started online chatter. The same goes for Christine Brown asking for shout-outs for her fans’ favorite TV show. It got people talking.

So it looks like both Christine Brown and Meri Brown once again grab the fans’ attention ahead of Season 14, which rolls out on TLC Sunday night, January 5, 2020.

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