‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s Odd Strategy For Collecting Girlfriends Revealed

Sister Wives star Meri Brown knew that Kody Brown wouldn’t be all hers the day she married him but that’s what she signed up for. Still, from what Janelle Brown once said, Meri Brown might have her own way of thinking about plural marriage. Or possibly she did at a younger age. Like back when the Sister Wives celebs first started out on television.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Friendship Theory

Many fans of the TLC show see Janelle Brown as the level-headed member of the Sister Wives plural marriage. So when Kody Brown’s third wife once suggested a theory about Meri, people listened.

Janelle shared something that seemed to offer a different spin on Meri’s mindset about plural marriage. This happened several years ago just after three wives became four.

A video from the early days of the Sister Wives show caught Janelle’s thoughts. At the time, Kody Brown thought Meri attempted to recruit another wife into the family.

While Meri Brown swears this wasn’t the case, Janelle offered up an interesting theory as to why Meri seems to wife shop. The fans recently picked up on Janelle’s theory about Meri from the retro clip below. Comments from fans online suggest they see this as something quite odd.

Don’t forget, Meri introduced Robyn Brown to Kody. It was Meri Brown who first wanted Robyn to enter into marriage with her co-wives and Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Kody Brown Has Flashbacks

Years ago Meri met another woman and she seemed to bait Kody. She described this woman as someone “cute”. At the time, the family thought it mirrored what she did when meeting Robyn. She set the ball rolling for Kody Brown to bring Robyn on as his fourth wife.

Janelle shared a theory with her co-spouses while on the Sister Wives camera. She said Meri meets someone that she really wants to get to know and it seems her mind “automatically jumps to Sister Wives“.

If you watch the clip, you’ll see how both Janelle and Robyn jump to the same conclusion. So it looks as if Janelle Brown isn’t the only one who thinks her co-spouse might start a new friendship and somehow jump to the thought of another wife for the Sister Wives.

In this clip, after meeting a girl named Natalee, Meri Brown’s discussion about this woman brought back flashbacks for Kody Brown. It took him back to the day that he met Robyn Brown.

The Sister Wives patriarch shared how it reminded him of how Meri Brown presented Robyn to him a few years before. Robyn joined the Sister Wives clan after an introduction to Kody by Meri.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: When Meri Met Robyn Brown

First, Meri and Robyn hit it off as friends. This prompted Meri Brown’s introduction of Robyn to Kody. Then after Robyn married Kody, that friendship blossomed between these two Sister Wives.

The five Sister Wives spouses sat down in 2012 to talk about Meri and her sudden enthusiasm over this woman Natalee. She was someone the family met and Meri Brown really liked her.

It seemed to Kody that Meri was prepping him to date, Natalee. Meri Brown adamantly denied she set her sights on this woman for another Sister Wives member. But Kody thought his first wife might have a fifth wife in mind at the time.

Janelle seemed to think it’s a tendency Meri has from time to time. It’s not that she’s actively looking around for another wife for the Brown family. Instead, when she meets a woman she likes it’s almost as if she starts the ball rolling to place her within the family as a co-wife.

Meri doesn’t do that anymore. Or at least it’s not been an issue the family has shared in years. But maybe she found her own replacement family to build up via recruits. Could it be that this new family fulfills that need to continue to build up a family?

New Family – New Recruits

It seems the first wife of Kody Brown has made a new family for herself within her sales associates at LuLaRoe. Meri fills her social media sites with pictures of her and the people she associates with for her business at LuLaRoe.

Instead of bringing more wives into the Sister Wives unit, it seems Meri Brown found a different use for her recruiting skills. She is actively signing up sales associates for the LuLaRoe family.

The Sister Wives entrepreneur even recently posted an invitation to fans. She’s asked them to join LuLaRoe on her Instagram account. Many people online describe LuLaRoe as a pyramid. That’s because you get a percentage of the money made by the sales associates you recruit.

So did LuLaRoe fill two of this wife’s needs? The first being one to recruit people she likes to join her family. The second of course is money, as reports indicate the Brown family struggles financially this new season.

Maybe Meri Brown did just replace one family with another. Instead of trying to bring the nice friends she meets into the Sister Wives family, she brings them into her LuLaRoe family.

Sister Wives Season 14 rolls out on TLC Sunday night, January 5, 2020.

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