Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Daughter Has Fans Appalled over Vulgar Posts

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown and Kody Brown‘s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, has fans shocked over her recent posts. Gwendlyn is now an 18-year-old young woman whose language stunned many Brown family followers.

Sister Wives: What Will Christine Brown Say To Her Daughter?

After social media users read several posts offered by Gwendlyn Brown, the Sister Wives fans asked a question. “Wonder how her family feels about that?” While her family hasn’t commented on the sudden change of language seen on Gwen’s posts, the fans sure have. So, what is going on with Gwendlyn?

It seems Gwendlyn Brown has taken on a cause. But that cause created a hot-button issue across the nation in recent months. Although, the fans aren’t commenting on her political views or the cause she seems so passionate about. But they did get ruffled over the vile language Gwendlyn used.

Viewers of the Sister Wives series have offered praise over the years to the four co-wives and Kody Brown. ‘Some people might have objections to their polygamous lifestyle. But many think Christine and Kody have done a good job at raising Gwendlyn and the other kids.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Derogatory Remarks on Posts


Gwendlyn Brown Acts Out Of the Norm For Brown Kids

The above two posts seem less offensive than most of the others, which are too graphic to share. The first post on top has to do with Gwendlyn Brown supporting Meri Brown. Apparently she saw a comment that she didn’t like and retaliated with her own blurb.

But the second post Gwendlyn made has the fans wondering what will the religious-based Sister Wives family say about this? Kody Brown and his four wives base their marriage around their religion  The daughter of Christine Brown seems to go against this with just one short sentence.

Sister Wives’ followers noted over the years how the kids in this family act so respectful to others. They also seem easily liked and a kind group of kids. Some fans suggest that what Gwendlyn Brown is sharing online should be an embarrassment to their hard work.

Again, it has nothing to do with what Gwendlyn is advocating for, it is her use of vulgar language the fans seem upset over today.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Gwendlyn Brown

Sister Wives: Kody & Christine Brown’s Little Girl Gwendlyn Grew Up

Followers of the TLC reality show want to know what happened to the seemingly kind and lighthearted teen Gwendlyn of yesterday. Some suggest that she jumped on her half-sister’s bandwagon, Mariah Brown.

While Mariah appears very politically active today, it looks as if her younger sibling, Gwendlyn Brown, may have followed suit. Mariah shocked the fans a few weeks back when she threatened to disown anyone who loved her if they voted against her wishes in the presidential race.

While Mariah’s post stunned the Sister Wives enthusiasts, it seems some viewers think Gwendlyn crossed a line with the filthy language she uses. Christine Brown’s offspring carried it a bit further than her half-sister did.

Gwen is 18 and of legal age, so she’s free to write whatever she wants. But some people would love to be a fly on the wall at her house to see how Kody and Christine handle this.

Some people are in such disbelief that they suggest this is the work of a hacker. It is hard to fathom how that beautiful and sweet teen would actually use the words seen in the posts.

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