‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Rambles about Personal Stuff in New Video

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is all over the place as she details some rather private stuff about the inner-workings of her life today. As usual, Christine’s Sister Wives’ secrets surfaced during a chat with a follower. This Sister Wives lady has a history of sometimes revealing too much while conversing with her fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Rattles On

Since the TLC reality series started over a decade ago, the third wife to join the Sister Wives family is known for her chats with viewers. She’s probably revealed more about the behind the scenes goings-on than the other three wives put together.

One example happened just a few months back. Christine became the first spouse from this plural marriage to reveal the family filmed a new season.

It seems when she chats with her TLC series fans, she almost seems compelled to answer their questions. Even if those questions were meant to keep under wraps, Christine is known at times to just blurt them out.

It also seems she sometimes lands one of the adult Sister Wives family members in hot water with her unplanned revealed info. Like the time she peddled her wares to cover a $50K co-pay for her daughter’s surgery.

She wanted people to buy, buy, buy to help her cover this bill. Her followers turned that one around on Kody Brown. They shamed him for lack of good health insurance coverage for the kids.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Everything But The Kitchen Sink – No, She Mentions That Too

The setting of Christine’s latest revealing rant is a Cameo video that Christine made for a Sister Wives viewer. She belongs to Cameo. They offer, for a fee, a personalized video from a celebrity, like Christine Brown.

It was during one of these Cameo videos that this Sister Wives celeb got an attack of running off at the mouth. She went from one topic to another without so much as coming up for a breath of air. She even admitted to going on and on when she caught herself mid sentence.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: What Viewers Learn From Christine’s Latest Rant

Christine Brown made this ranting video for a woman turning 40. She let the birthday girl know that all kinds of “crap” will happen to your body after you turn 40. This Sister Wives mom of six sounded very enthusiastic.

It seems she focused on the everyday trivial things and mundane tasks of life. The third woman to marry Kody Brown talked about doing the dishes. She also shared how at one time she liked them done right after dinner.

Waking up to stinky stuff in the morning once bothered her. Not anymore apparently because life is too short not to abandon the dishes so you can spend time with the family.

She also said to the woman who was getting this video that having sister wives are cool. Apparently, this woman tells her husband that she needs a sister wife when the housework piles up.

Christine talks about not sweating the small stuff, let the housework wait and enjoy life. She said how spending time with her kids is so much more important.

She tops off her bout of rapid speech with a rendition of Happy Birthday to the woman who turned 40. That’s after she gave her an apology for what will happen to her body now that she’s four decades old.

That probably wasn’t the best advice to offer with a birthday greeting. But – it’s from Christine Brown.

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