‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Has Fans Doing Double Take Today?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is energetic for sure but a recent bout of energy lets fans see an entirely new side of wife number three. It seems her theme this week so far is Christmas presents, or the lack of them to be precise. But suddenly she pops up doing something totally out of the ordinary. Not to mention it puts a twist on her Sister Wives theme of light-gifting this holiday.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Doesn’t Work In Slow Speed

When the third wife of the Sister Wives tribe undertakes a project, her movements usually don’t have a calming effect on fans. From cooking in her kitchen to helping her daughter with a school project, Christine puts it in high gear.

A recent video shows this Sister Wives mom of six taking on a new project. While she’s her usual energetic self, she dialed it up a few notches. If Christine Brown ever tired you out from just watching her, this video makes her usual movements look like a crawling mode in comparison.

While it’s not that the Sister Wives mother revved herself up on caffeine or suddenly got a second wind, no… it’s all done with the camera.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

High-Speed Gift Wrapping

This new video recently revealed captures Christine Brown wrapping all her Sister Wives Christmas gifts. Apparently, she filmed herself and then played it back in fast motion for her followers. Let’s say there’s nothing relaxing about watching Christine Brown wrapping Christmas presents this year.

The video may even make you dizzy. But this recent clip of hers seems to confuse the fans. It’s clear she’s wrapping up holiday gifts. But you can’t help but notice there are quite a few of them.

The confusion surrounding Sister Wives’ audience is the number of gifts she appears to wrap up. Just recently Christine Brown seemed to make a modern-day Grinch statement.  Her motto this holiday season seemed that she intends to keep her gift-giving on the light side.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: One-Woman Santa Claus

Christine Brown declared a toned-down Christmas for her and her family this year. Starting with keeping the gift-giving to a minimum. She also said that her holiday would be different. Instead of the traditional hustle and bustle, Christine took some time to research worldwide holiday traditions.

Yep, Christen declared that she was about to do something different for a change. This Sister Wives co-wife wanted to find a tradition for the holidays used in a different part of the world. Then she wanted to incorporate whatever she found into her family’s celebration.

She never updated fans on what she discovered, if anything. But today she is wrapping boxes at 50 mph on a video. Maybe this is just the third wife from the TLC reality series showing her followers that she dropped the fewer gifts idea and did some last-minute-shopping. Christine also declares that she “loves wrapping presents”. So, maybe she needed that tradition to stay put.

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