‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Devoured for Tone Deaf Post – Deletes All Comments

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown probably thought she sent kind words out into the world but apparently she was in for a rude awakening. Once Christine saw how her wish for a better world gathered up shaming comments, it looks like she thought twice about it.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Doesn’t Have a Clue?

It seems that Christine Brown has a new and improved version of her post online today. The Sister Wives “fun wife,” which is how Kody refers to Christine, didn’t revamp her message. No, she stood firm – she just deleted the comments and shut off the post to future comments.

Fans of this Sister Wives’ mom seemed furious. Some of her fans said they’re very disappointed in her. Christine urged people to love one another in her latest post. Also, like many other people today she hopes for things to get better. Christine would like to see the world heal from some horrific problems.

It seems that her good intention post imploded into some angry followers. Many people found some of what this Sister Wives star said offensive. They also found that she prioritized things in a very odd way.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Of All People – Christine Should Know Better

Sister Wives viewers pointed the finger of shame at Christine Brown. Fans reminded her that she lives a lifestyle that’s often under scrutiny. So, it amazed fans that she didn’t take this opportunity to show some empathy to the specific problems facing the world today.

She is accused of “beating around the bush” and not mentioning specific events. Maybe Christine thought it best to play it safe. Unless you’ve had no way of hearing, seeing, or reading the news recently, you are well aware of the issues plaguing the nation and the world today.

Instead of diving into a hot-button issue, it looks like Christine Brown opted to send wishes of “honor,” “trust,” and “hey a lot more love would be awesome too”.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Damage Control – Comments Deleted and Shut Off

Almost immediately after Christine Brown attempted to share her words of wisdom in a post, the comments flooded in. Either Christine waited to see how bad this was going to get or she didn’t get a glimpse of the comments for a while. Because the Sister Wives comments went on for sometime before she wiped the post clean of the fans’ comments.

Christine Brown revamped her post by getting rid of every comment. It also appears she closed the post to any future comments. While she won’t have to see the thoughts of her viewers anymore, this doesn’t change their mind.

Despite Sister Wives enthusiasts taking aim at Christine Brown’s post, some did say they don’t think she meant to be insensitive. It looks more like some of her fans think she should have been more specific about the events. Especially since she knows what it is like to be the target of closed-minded people when it comes to her plural marriage.

So, it looks like this Sister Wives wife and mother attempted to keep her post generic. She did not deal specifically with the issues today. But some of her fans blamed her for taking the safe way out.

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