‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Uses ‘S’ Word – Dig at Co-Wives on Date Night?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown makes some noise about her date night and how to get ready for one such event with her shared husband. Christine mentions date night, which sounds generic enough. But is this a dig at her co-wives as she embraces “sexy” with the Sister Wives patriarch?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Seems Skilled In Her Game

The third wife from the Sister Wives clan seemed to have one thing on her mind in her latest post – “embrace sexy”. She not only wrote this in her post but made a hashtag out of it as well.

It looks like Christine got decked out in makeup, including bright red lipstick. She apparently finished off getting her sexy on with red spiked heels and tight jeans. Fans of the Sister Wives show know that Christine Brown has a tendency to compete for Kody Brown’s attention at times.

Christine Brown also seems to be the only Sister Wives spouse who makes frequent attempts on camera to grab a hug from Kody. This is something he doesn’t like to do only out of respect for his other wives.

A few times through the 14 Sister Wives seasons, Christine Brown played out an awkward scene. She attempted to hug her husband on camera, only for him to back away.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

A Dig At The Co-Wives?

Posting her “embrace sexy” ahead of date night with her shared husband almost seems like a dig to her co-wives. It seems Christine sometimes gets their ire up when it comes to Kody.

Whether it is intentional or not, she’s got a few facial grimaces from her Sister Wives co-wives in the past during one of her attention-seeking antics. Just check out the faces of the two wives below.

In one episode a few seasons back, the women all went out to lunch. While the four Sister Wives ladies sat at the table, Kody Brown called Christine on her cell phone.

Christine was almost gushing while talking to Kody. It looks like she managed to get Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown a bit aggravated. You can see in the photo below the two wives’ faces as they listen across the table to Christine’s phone call with their shared hubby.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: One Night Out of Four?

How a date night works in the world of Sister Wives remains a mystery. The wives have said in the past that Kody Brown keeps a schedule that allows him to go from house to house for sleeping arrangements.

But since Kody and Meri Brown opened up about their marriage demise in the counseling session, it sounds like Kody only makes the rounds to three out of the four wives’ bedrooms. He said he wasn’t living with Meri anymore.

That didn’t stop him from visiting her last week as she did a live sales show online. Kody interrupted Meri, who didn’t seem surprised he was there. So at least he does visit with the original Sister Wives matriarch. But visiting and sleeping together are two different things.

Meri admitted she wants a relationship with Kody again. So seeing Christine Brown boasting about “date night” and “embrace sexy” has to hurt just a bit. It is for reasons like this that Kody did away with showing any affection with his wives if there’s a chance one of the others could see it.

It looks like another Sister Wives Season is filming right now, according to Christine. So, fans haven’t seen the last of Christine Brown, her co-wives, and Kody Brown.

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