‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Falls for Expensive Scheme?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has a new sad tale to tell today and she uses a prop to show her followers why it was too good to be true. It seems the third woman to join Kody Brown in the Sister Wives plural marriage felt like they left her holding the bag.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Rattles Off Scam

Well, maybe Christine Brown is not left holding just a bag. But a shark actually, and it’s a shark that does nothing but stays in one place with a fixated gaze.

That wasn’t what Christine signed up for. But more importantly, it wasn’t what she paid for. Confused? Well, this Sister Wives mom has a way of doing that to her fans.

This very animated mother from the Sister Wives tribe sat behind the wheel of her car to point out how she fell for this scam.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

 Stunned – It’s Nothing But a Plastic Shark

Christine Brown showed her Sister Wives fans the shark she bought online. The item enticed her because they advertised it as an interactive shark. Supposedly you rubbed its belly and it made noises.

She thought the “very expensive item” was cute. While she didn’t say how many she ordered, it sounded as if she got a few, probably for the younger kids.

The sad part about this is ordeal is that Kody’s “fun” Sister Wives lady claims she purchased a bunch for Christmas presents. She apparently sees it now as not worth the money she spent. But she didn’t say how the kids thought about the item.

Sister Wives: Chrisitne Brown

Sister Wives: The Moral Of The Story Is…

This TLC reality show mom said that she became disappointed with the product. As soon as she realized she purchased just a plastic shark she sounded defeated. Although she had a moral to her story. This rather sad Sister Wives consumer said if it sounds too good to be true, well… it probably is.

Christine Brown’s purchase comes on the heels of her creating some DIY videos online. Again she did this to interact with her fans. They asked if the ladies did their own makeup for the show.

Christine answered them with a no. But then she also showed them what she had to do with her makeup before the camera lens focused on her. She also made them dizzy as she created a step-by-step video but played it in fast forward.

Then the next day she offered the same type of fast-forward clip of her doing her own hair. So, whether or not she realizes this, she totally entertains her fans with these antics.

Sister Wives Season 15 starts February 14, 2021, at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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