‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Ladies Take on Safe Tasks as New Season Nears?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his four wives appear to keep themselves in check as the new season is just two weeks from its start date. Not one of Kody’s wives seem to say or show things to their Sister Wives fans these days that could be misconstrued into something else.

 Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Ladies Lay Low?

Janelle focuses on the weather, Christine Brown hones in on herself, and Robyn Brown remains hidden from the public eye. Even Meri Brown’s “cryptic messages” don’t look so cryptic anymore. Then there’s Kody, who also remains under wraps in-between seasons.

So, is this a conscious effort by the Sister Wives adults to not rock the boat so close to the rollout of Season 15? Kody hasn’t addressed anything since the Sister Wives trailer made its way to viewers.

Maybe Kody feels they introduced enough of their chaotic life in this new trailer to offer anymore just yet. Janelle and Meri’s updates don’t leave much for intrigue. They don’t even offer a vague crumb to spin into an assumption. But Christine’s is different.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Meri and Janelle Tread Lightly?

Meri Brown’s MO is not to reveal a lot. But by planting the seed of a cryptic message she offers a lot to use for assumptions. She then stands back and lets the Sister Wives followers make all the assumptions they desire.

She never offers a name. But often gives just enough info so you pretty much know who she’s talking about. It appears the first woman to marry Kody calmed that down today. What she has to say doesn’t seem like a diss to anyone. She has Sister Wives enthusiasts looking for those open-ended messages. But it looks like she backed off on them recently.

Then there’s Janelle. This mom of six never seems to push the boundaries. But she appears to enjoy life. She communicates this to her viewers. She offers just what she’s doing at the time no matter how boring it may appear.

Janelle doesn’t try to amp up the drama with embellishments. But sometimes something she says or does gets taken the wrong way. Then finally there’s Robyn. She just remains hidden from the Sister Wives fan base as usual. She has that in common with Kody Brown.

It feels as if someone decided the Sister Wives women should reveal nothing more than generic stuff ahead of the new season rollout. So, Janelle offered a mini-saga about the melting of a snowman in her yard.

Then Meri picks weather-related topics as well. But Christine thought outside of the box and decided to make some DIY videos. But they’re about her rather everyday generic tasks.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Then Came Christine Brown

Sister Wives celeb Christine often wows her fans when she lets a little too much information slip when talking to the show’s fan base. It seems the third woman to join Kody by his side in Sister Wives plural marriage sometimes bypasses that built-in filter.

It’s that same filter we all have that makes us quickly think about something before forming that thought into words. So People often look to her to see what Sister Wives info she’s about to reveal.

With the new Sister Wives season start date just two weeks away, it looks as if Christine finds herself sharing some rather mundane tasks with her followers. So, just how much trouble can one woman get into attempting DIY videos? If she’s the third bride to marry Kody Brown, plenty.

Well, at least she didn’t let any Secret Wives secrets loose. But she did get constructive criticism that she probably could have done without.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown DYI Makeup and Hair

Let It Fly By…

Christine offered two DIY videos on two consecutive days. The first video dealt with her makeup and the second on her hairstyling. This Sister Wives lady is full of energy. So when you put the already fast-paced bride of Kody in fast motion you might need sea-sickness meds to watch those videos.

The makeup video was Christine’s answer to a question often asked by fans. They wanted to know if the Sister Wives ladies do their own makeup. Christine demonstrated to the fans that they do not.

Some fans suggested her videos made them dizzy. Once they got over their motion sickness her Sister Wives followers found this high-speed version of Christine Brown quite comical. After the third lady to join Kody Brown in marriage finished up her makeup video, the floodgates opened.

Viewers told Christine that she wore too much, her eyes were too dark, and quite a few focused on those brows of hers. Yep, her eyebrows looked dark and almost like two blocks. The original softness of her brows was gone. People offered this critique to Christine plus more.

The Sister Wives mom of six gave everyone a fast-paced DIY hair video as well, the results fared better than what she ended up with at the end of her makeup video. It looks like TLC and Kody Brown played it safe by keeping things down to a minimum on the cusp of the new season air date. Speaking of Sister Wives Season 15, it rolls out Sunday at 10 pm February 14 on TLC at 10 pm EST.

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