‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Misses Three Major Milestones – Quarantine Wife Revealed by Default

Sister Wives star Kody Brown prides himself on being a devoted family man. He’s got a full plate with four wives and 18 children. However, he’s usually pretty good at juggling his schedule to make time for everyone. However in these unprecedented times of the Coronavirus and quarantine, Kody Brown has managed to miss several major milestones in the lives of his family.

In fact, based on the events he failed to show up for, Sister Wives fans have drawn the conclusion as to which wife he’s staying safe at home with.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Meri Brown Unhappily Married 30 Years

Sister Wives couple Meri Brown and Kody Brown hit a major milestone in their relationship. The couple is now married for 30 years. However, neither one acknowledged the huge life event. On April 21, 1990, the pair married. They went on to share one child together, daughter Mariah Brown. Over the years  Kody Brown and his first wife had what most would say a rocky marriage. Sadly, within the last several years that marriage deteriorated to the point of broken beyond repair.

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown remains Kody’s first wife although she is no longer his legal wife. Recall in 2014 Meri Brown granted Kody Brown a legal divorce so he could marry his fourth wife Robyn Brown and adopt her three kids from her first marriage. Then, of course, was Meri’s now-infamous catfish scandal. Although the couple claimed to be working on their relationship, we learned as the last season ended their marriage was over. Sadly, Kody claims he regrets even marrying Meri. So it comes as not much of a shock that neither spouse acknowledged their wedding anniversary.

SW: Christine Brown & Kody Brown’s Daughters Celebrate Prom Without Dad

Sister Wives daughters Gwendlyn Brown and Ysabel Brown were scheduled to attend prom this past weekend. Their mom Christine Brown ready bought the girl’s fancy overpriced gowns to wear for their special day. However since the COVID-19 quarantine shut down schools and social events, prom was canceled. But leave it to savvy and fun mom Christine to make the most of the day.

Sister Wives’ mom of six Christine Brown escorted her two teen daughters to their property on Coyote Pass to mark what would’ve been their prom. Prior to the picture-taking excursion, Gwendlyn and Ysabel spent the afternoon getting ready to go to “prom”. The girls looked stunning in their dresses. All that was missing was their father, Kody Brown. No doubt it would have made the day extra special to have daddy-daughter photos. Sadly Kody Brown was a no show. Even if he’s quarantining with another wife, he could have been present at the family property and maintained social distance. Again, SW fans are not pleased with Kody. So this further adds credence to the theory of where Kody Brown is spending his quarantine.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown

Sister Wives: Hunter Brown Returns Home To a Dad-less Family Dinner

Sister Wives’ son Hunter Brown is back home with his mom Janelle Brown in Flagstaff.  Last weekend he graduated from the United States Air Force Academy. None of his family was able to attend the ceremony due to the current health emergency, However, they were able to watch from afar virtually.

So now Hunter is home and his proud mother shared that he had his first family dinner with his brothers. However noticeably absent was Hunter’s father Kody. So since Hunter’s return home for summer break, he’s yet to see his dad.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Fans Deduce Kody Brown Is With Robyn Brown

Sister Wives ffollowers have connected the dots and figured  Kody Brown must be spending his quarantine with his legal spouse Robyn Brown. It’s understandable she would need the most tag team parenting since she is the mother of the youngest Brown children and has all five of her kids living with her. But it’s been long speculated  Robyn is Kody’s favorite wife and the only one he’s in a real marriage with.

Kody Brown was last seen in pictures celebrating his daughter Truely’s 10th birthday with her mother Christine. However, that was over two weeks ago and no pictures with other wives have circulated. In fact, all his wives, except Robyn, have shared pictures of themselves and their children minus Kody Brown. So it’s a fair conclusion that Robyn Brown is the spouse Kody Brown is riding out his time of social isolation and quarantine.

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