‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s Strange Road Trip Ties to Next Season Shocker?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown took a recent road trip that has people asking if the family’s about to pack up and relocate again. With several Brown kids along for the ride, Christine trekked to Utah to a heavily religious area. Was she house hunting for another move for the family? It could be because their home state just drastically changed how they’ll treat polygamous families and made life easier.

Sister Wives: Sticker-Shock and Lifestyle Finances

The motive for moving to Flagstaff was vague. Originally, Kody Brown told Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown that it’s a financially sound move. But even when they were looking for a builder for their four homes, Kody and the wives realized they were wrong. This move would be costly and not result in financial savings as Kody first predicted.

First, they had sticker-shock for the cost of home building. Then, the Sister Wives‘ Vegas homes stayed on the market longer than they hoped. Christine Brown’s friend, a real estate agent, assured Kody the properties would sell fast — but that didn’t happen. Janelle Brown still showed the Vegas properties to potential buyers long after they moved to Arizona. Then, the properties were sold at reduced prices and they paid mortgages and utilities much longer than they planned.

Also, Meri moved twice and Robyn once more while in Flagstaff incurring more costs. Now, with several properties to their name, it looks like the Sister Wives family is land-rich, but cash strapped. So the Brown brood stays in limbo – with Christine and Robyn in purchased houses plus Meri and Janelle renting.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Christine Brown Spotted 270 Miles From Home?

Last season, Kody left the lawyer’s office smiling after hearing he was sitting on a gold mine with Coyote Pass. If he sold, he’d rake in far more than his purchase price. And if he built several houses, he could make a killing in the Flagstaff rental market. With all this in play, Utah passed a bill decriminalizing polygamy. If the Sister Wives tribe moved back to Utah, they’re safe from prosecution.

Remember, the criminal law was why they slipped out of Utah in the night. Once they went public with their Sister Wives show back in 2010, Kody and his wives were under investigation for their illegal polygamous lifestyle. That’s not the case anymore. Kody celebrated the passing of Utah’s bill by posting articles about the newfound freedom for plural marriage families in Utah.

Recently, a Sister Wives viewer spotted Christine Brown with her kids and Janelle’s son in St. George, Utah. And that sighting was in the middle of a pandemic with most people sheltering in place. So, it seems strange Christine Brown was almost 270 miles away from home. That’s not a day trip.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Offers Big Hint On Roadtrip

Christine probably wouldn’t bring any of the Sister Wives children out of the house and away from home during this time on a whim. So, was Christine scoping out new home sites in Utah with the kids in tow? What is going on with the family especially today with vacant building lots still untouched? Flagstaff to St. George is less than 300 miles, almost a five-hour drive. It’s a long drive, especially when most people are still staying home for the COVID lockdown.

St. George is family-friendly offering the cost of living at 5 percent lower than the national average. If they sell all their properties in Arizona, that could give them a new start in St. George. The Sister Wives could sell Coyote Pass and also Janelle and Robyn’s homes. There’s also a vacant lot they own adjacent to Robyn’s house. A move might put them in a better financial situation if they liquidate their assets in Arizona.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown - Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Family Missed Their Religious Community

Moving could get them back closer to the Mormon church. Both in Vegas and Flagstaff, there’s not a big Mormon community for them. St. George is a  community with a high percentage of church-goers and the majority of them are affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives clan belong to a fundamentalist Mormon sect, the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB). And the Browns belonged to a sizeable religious community back when they lived in Utah. So, it seems a move to St. George would bring them back to their roots as there’s a UAB temple nearby.

Sister Wives is filming Season 15 now, so TLC cameras might follow Christine Brown on her Utah road trip. This opens up one big question if they’re planning a move back to Utah. Can viewers tolerate another season of the Brown family with moving drama? Wait and see what happens next season and if the Browns pick up and relocate again.

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