‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Confirms New Season 15 Filming Right Now – Reveals Schedule

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown just confirmed during an online chat that they now have cameras in tow to film their new season. During her live “chat” on Monday afternoon somewhere in between Christine sharing her problems about water and passing along makeup tips, she made the reveal.

Sister Wives Season 15 is in the works and she also revealed what the filming schedule looks like. Every now and then a fan would ask about another season during this chat. Finally, Christine said they are filming right now on top of divulging their filming schedule.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Reveals New Season 15 In the Works

When she first said they’re filming, she didn’t offer any details other than that. Although you could assume it was another season, she still hadn’t said that yet. But when asked again if fans can expect another season of Sister Wives, she hesitated. Then she said, well we’re filming so “yes”.

It’s funny how the reveal of a new Sister Wives season seems to come from Christine Brown’s house for the last two years. Last season it was Gwendlyn Brown who was on a live chat answering fans questions.

When a fan asked about a new season, Gwendlyn said she’s not supposed to say – but “yes”. It’s like-mother-like-daughter when it comes to sharing the good news. Although right after Christine said that a new season is in the works this time around, Truely Brown popped in. Then this Sister Wives chat video paused.

While it said “The broadcast has been paused it will come back soon” it is still saying that at the time of this writing.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Truely Brown

Water, Water Everywhere – But Not At Christine’s House and It’s Expensive

Christine offered some insight into her life at her home in Flagstaff. Because she doesn’t have a well on her land, she has to get water trucked in.

The Sister Wives’ mom was sure to add that water is an expensive commodity. Because of the cost, she does not water the lawn. While she can carry water in herself, she pays a guy with a big tank on a truck to bring the water to her. Apparently he pumps the water into a storage tank for Christine and the family to use.

Now that Sister Wives Season 15 is revealed, Christine also shared how the filming schedule works for the family. The cameras film every other week, which gives them every second week off. That sounds a little more doable than having the cameras around you every day.

With the new season confirmed by Christine Brown, the fans hope that the Sister Wives offer up more than they did this season. Many viewers complained that Season 14 felt like a rerun of the season before.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Christine Brown

Sister Wives: A Show About Moving or Talking About Moving

If a brand new viewer just tuned in during Season 13 and then watched Season 14 as well, they probably wouldn’t get the premise of the show. One fan suggested if she didn’t know better than she would think it’s about a family who talks about moving and who moves a lot.

The cliffhangers for Season 14 are the same cliffhangers for Season 13. This includes – will they build on Coyote Pass, and will Meri and Kody fix their marriage?  Fans waited for these answers during the last season. Now they find themselves looking for the answers to these questions in the new Season 15.

Chances are TLC won’t announce the Sister Wives renewal until a month or even a few weeks before it rolls out. This is what they’ve done in the past. Going by the history of new seasons for this show, Season 15 will probably air in January. But they didn’t set this in stone.

Christine Brown did say they’re even filming while the nation’s stay-at-home event is going on. Apparently, they’ve got creative so fans won’t miss much that goes on in the world of Sister Wives.

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