‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Accidentally Reveals Season 15?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is making the most of her time at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. She’s been very active in her Facebook group selling her LuLaRoe fashions. She also does several lifestyle-type Lives with her fans and followers. On her most recent Live, Christine takes us with her on a brisk walk through her Flagstaff neighborhood. While on this walk she gladly welcomed questions from her followers.

Kody Brown’s third wife was pretty much an open book as she tends to be with her fans So, while on this live chat, the Sister Wives mom of six revealed a few fun tidbits. However, the answer to one question just might have given away the status of season 15 of her family’s popular TLC show.

Sister Wives: Active Lifestyle Sheds Pounds For Christine Brown

Christine Brown’s life has been filmed for over a decade as part of her family’s wildly successful reality show Sister Wives. When we first met Christine, she was pregnant with her sixth child, Truely Brown. Since then we’ve seen Christine struggle with her weight. Certainly, any new mom can relate to how hard it is to bounce back after having a baby let alone six. All of Kody’s wives with the exception of Robyn Brown battled the bulge.

On her most recent Facebook Live, the Sister Wives alum admitted to having shed a whopping 40  pounds since she started airing on the show. Of course, she says she also lost and re-lost the same pound over and over again. Now Christine says her focus is on her health and how she feels rather than the number on the scale. However, she’s okay with shedding a few more pounds as a side bonus of her fitness and healthy eating routine.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Christine Updates Fans On Ysabel Brown

Sister Wives fans asked Christine for an update on her teenage daughter Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis. Recall a few seasons back her scoliosis was a major storyline for Christine and Kody Brown. The parents were desperately trying to avoid a surgical procedure for their daughter. They opted for braces and exercises to stop the curvature.

However, the last season of Sister Wives didn’t have any new updates on Ysabel’s health. The majority of the season was about the move, one big house, and lots of fighting among the spouses. However little to no storylines showed much of the Brown children.

Sister Wives viewers were left hanging. In her Live the other day Christine was coy on her response to inquiries about Ysabel. She said she is doing well. Then she dropped a major hint that revealed season 15 is likely in progress. Christine says she couldn’t elaborate further on Ysabel’s condition as it was a current storyline for the show and she signed a non-disclosure agreement with TLC.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown

Sister Wives – Season 14 Finale Seemed Unfinished

The season finale of Sister Wives was a few weeks ago. Many fans felt slighted at the way the series ended the current season. Only two wives, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown joined Kody on the couch for confessionals and commentary. SW fans wondered why both Meri Brown and Robyn Brown were missing. Of course, the birth of a grandchild is a nice way to end a season, however, it still felt like there was more that needed to be wrapped up.

Adding to fans’ frustrations is the fact that there’s no Sister Wives Tell-All episode this season That was a mainstay in recent years. Fans liked seeing how the Browns were doing since the season wrapped up.  Also, it seemed unclear if there would even be the 15th season. The show moved to a 10 pm Sunday night slot from it’s usually 8 pm slot and this season the episodes were one hour versus two. However, ratings for season 14 are higher than season 13. So season 15 seems pretty much green-lighted— especially with Christine Brown’s slip about not being able to talk more about Ysabel’s health.

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