‘Sister Wives’: Cooking With Christine Brown – Live Event Shares Family Recipe

Sister Wives star Christine Brown took time this weekend to share a family recipe with her fans. Members of her Facebook group, Rose Colored LuLaRoe, were treated to Cooking With Christine Live event. In this Live, Kody Brown’s third wife took time to cook with her shoppers rather than sell them the usual LuLaRoe items. Although to get her recipe you had to make a purchase. Indeed, pretty clever of Mrs. Brown!

Sister Wives: Cooking With Christine Brown – Live Event

Most fans of Sister Wives know that many of The Brown wives and daughters also sell LuLaRoe fashions. Christine Brown has arguably the most laid back and fun Facebook groups for the online retailer of all her relatives. She treats her shoppers like family. It is no surprise that the SW star is willing to host Cooking With Christine Live so frequent.

This week’s recipe was for a Sister Wives family favorite breakfast recipe. Truth is, this recipe is perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner. Christine eats gluten-free and this recipe illustrates first hand that a gluten-free recipe can be a family favorite even if you can eat gluten.

Saturday morning Christine Brown cooked live her recipe for gluten-free quiche. She tells the viewers that quiche is very forgiving. Today’s quiche was for spinach, bacon and cheese quiche. What makes it gluten-free is the flour Christine uses that creates the crust. She used brown rice flour versus the white flour most recipes call for.  As you can see from the picture below, the end results are almost too pretty to eat!

Kody Brown and Wife Christine Eats For Their Blood Type

Followers of Sister Wives Christine Brown might have noticed that she is looking slim and toned these days. This just might be attributed to how the SW star has changed the way she eats. During her most recent live cooking event, she revealed that she eats a diet based on her blood type.

A blood type that Kody Brown and all her children have as well. All eight of these Browns are blood type O. This means that they all are gluten insensitive. Christine Brown says her kids are in denial but they all need to avoid gluten.

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown was quick to add that she is not a doctor or nutritionist. It’s just with lots of research and trial and error that she figured out what she could eat and not eat to feel and look her best. She shared with her followers some of the foods blood type O persons should avoid. Sadly, many of these foods most would miss but Christine says they are worth eliminating to feel this well.

She avoids mushrooms, avocados, corn, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, all bread (gluten), strawberries, melon, oranges and dairy, Foods that are most beneficial to Christine’s blood type diet are high protein foods like beef and fish,  broccoli, spinach, kale, onions, artichokes , pumpkin and bananas. As an aside, Christine did share that she finds bananas “gross”.


How Fans Can Get Christine’s Gluten Free Quiche Recipe

If you watched Christine’s Live video you might be able to figure out the recipe for the quiche. But that would probably take several viewings to get all the details and even still a few tips and tricks might get missed. Being the super savvy business woman that she is, Christine Brown made it easy for her loyal LulaRoe shoppers to get their hands on the recipe. Everyone who orders now through Valentine’s Day will receive a copy of this Sister Wives Brown Family favorite recipe included with their order. Seems fair enough ….and quite the clever business move too!

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