‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Goes Dark

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is taking a very long break from social media. Of all Kody Brown‘s four wives, Christine Brown is the most active online. Between her off the cuff videos and her online-based clothing business, rarely a day goes by that fans do not hear from Christine. However, that is all changing for the reality star. Here’s what we know about Christine’s upcoming hiatus from her online life.

Sister Wives Update: Christine Brown Off The Grid

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown is taking a step back from the internet. Not only is she taking a break from her posts, but she’s also taking a “vacation” from her online clothing business selling LuLaRoe. Most of Christine’s sales of LLR come directly from her Live sales events. So with her absence from social planned for later this month, she’s taking a huge hit in her income as well.

The Sister Wives mom has a huge medical debt from her daughter Truely Brown’s hospital stay years ago. Christine Brown had to raise a lot of money for a deductible for another child’s upcoming surgery. So its rather odd shes taking this break from her business when finances are this tight for her. Christine claims she cannot divulge more details about the reasons she’s going dark. However, it’s not difficult for fans to figure out what’s going on.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Vacation Or Something Else?

Sister Wives fans aren’t buying Christine Brown’s explanation. Most feel there’s more to her time off than just a vacation. So what exactly is Christine planning to do with all this time off? Well, most suspect she’s headed to North Carolina for a few weeks. Recall Janelle Brown’s granddaughter Evie Brush recently had surgery. So first up for Christine is a trip to help out Maddie Brown Brush with her two kids.

Next, the Sister Wives alum Christine Brown will be playing nurse to her daughter Ysabel Brown. The buzz is that Ysabel is having her long-overdue scoliosis surgery at the end of the month. So she’ll need her mom’s full attention as she recovers. Since Christine was recently talking about needing funds for a medical procedure and not being able to talk about due to an NDA (nondisclosure agreement), it’s fairly obvious this is Ysabel’s surgery. The next season of Sister Wives is filming. So TLC’s camera will be close by filming footage of this to air when the next season returns.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Ysabel Brown - Truely Brown - Gwendlyn Brown

Sister Wives: New Season In Production

Christine Brown, along with Kody Brown and the other three wives, are currently filming for a new Sister Wives season of their family’s long-running hit TLC reality show. Christine was the first wife to let the cat out of the bag a few months ago.

Also, it was Christine who shutdown fan questions about Ysabel’s scoliosis. She told them that she couldn’t discuss it due to her contract with TLC. She added that question that would be answered when the new season airs. So SW fans were tipped off that a huge part of her story for the next season would revolve around Ysabel’s medical issues.

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