‘Sister Wives’: Janelle and Christine Brown Show Signs of Problems Today?

Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and Christine Brown unintentionally fuel the chatter as they mention to their fans what they’ve been up to. Christine kept the fans updated on her plans for the holidays which includes research. On the other hand, Janelle let her followers know that she’s in awe of which way the gene pool flowed.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown and Janelle Brown Get Back to Basics

No matter what any of the Sister Wives adults have to say, once it hits the public’s ear, usually two camps form. The same thing happened recently when these two ladies offered up a little blurb to the viewers of the TLC reality series.

First Janelle surfaced with a photo of her son. While she calls him Garrison, he goes by Robert. It seems Robert is the first name his parents gave him at birth. Garrison is his middle name and what his family calls him. The 22-year-old is pictured doing some carpentry work. But his famous Sister Wives mom thinks she can trace his handiwork back through her linage.

Then Christine does one of her quick chats on a video as she sits in her car. The day before, she told her fans that this Christmas she’s gone light on the gift-giving. But today she chimes in to say what she plans to do in place of their traditional celebration.

Sister Wives: Robert Garrison Brown Makes a Table

Swing a Hammer – Ditch Store-Bought Gifts

It looks as though Janelle’s son harbors a skill in woodworking. Or at least that’s how this mom from the Sister Wives sees her son. Janelle Brown enlightened her fans with some family history. She said her dad comes from a long line of carpenters.

So, maybe Garrison’s skilled hands come from Janelle’s side of the family. Maybe some fans might like to believe Kody Brown had a part in his son’s skill. But no one seems to remember Kody ever building something from scratch.

As one fan said, they never got a chance to see the Sister Wives patriarch do much work through the decade of shows.

Christine Brown reports gift-giving is at a minimum this holiday season. Instead, she intends to do some research on holiday traditions across the globe. Once this Sister Wives spouse finds some interesting worldly traditions, she might use them for her family.

Sister Wives: Chrisitne Brown

Sister Wives: Money Woes Or Back to Basics?

Kody and his Sister Wives ladies all said at one time or another during the last season that money is tight. During the hiatus, Christine asked fans to buy the clothing brand she sells. She needed to sell them to help her make money for her daughter’s surgery co-pay.

So, Sister Wives followers believe money problems still plague Kody and his brood. Some believe this caused Christine to cut down on gifts. Lack of money might also explain why Janelle’s son makes a table instead of his mom buying one? So, one camp thinks money problems put a damper on their Christmas.

But another Sister Wives camp believes it’s something else. Some think It looks like both Christine and her co-wive Janelle might just be getting back to basics.

The year 2020 brought the pandemic and families isolated away from the rest of the world. It’s possible hand-made gifts and less of them lets these Sister Wives moms put a different emphasis on Christmas this year, where it belongs.

So before you assume these guys scrimp on gifts due to money woes, think about other types of gifts. Spending time together and doing family activities is the gift of spending quality time together. Setting up a new Christmas tradition borrowed from a foreign country sounds like a fun family activity.

Instead of buying gifts, the thought behind making gifts means you gave your time. Much like that table for his mom that Garrison works on in the photo above.

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