‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Lifts Shade off Christine for New Episode

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown recently cleared the air by setting the story straight over something between her and Christine Brown. Both these ladies together gave birth to a dozen of Kody Brown’s kids over the last quarter of a century. That’s six for Janelle and six for Christine.

Despite sharing such a similar history, these two Sister Wives spouses don’t seem very close while on the show. It’s obvious that Meri Brown shares a special bond with Robyn Brown. But Christine and Janelle sometimes look a bit indifferent toward each other.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Steals Janelle Brown’s Thunder?

It appears to some Sister Wives enthusiasts that Christine Brown tends to steal the thunder. Especially when it comes to Janelle enjoying her new grandmother role.

Maddie Brown Brush gives birth to Evie Brush on the next Sister Wives episode. Both Janelle Brown, who’s Maddie’s biological mom, and Christine are there. It seems Maddie was especially close to Christine when growing up and she wanted her there.

Christine often posts pictures online of her and Maddie’s new baby or cuddling with Axel. But she’s not attempting to steal the thunder away from Janelle, who is the biological grandmother. Not only Maddie, but Janelle Brown also sees Christine Brown as one of Maddie’s kids’ grandmothers.

Christine Brown was the only other Sister Wives co-wife to fly to Maddie’s North Carolina home. Besides Janelle, she was the only mom for the birth of her second child. Some fans see Christine as slighting Janelle as the biological grandmother. But apparently that’s not the case.

Janelle Brown recently said she was thrilled to look up and see Christine coming through the door. Horrific events unfold in the Sister Wives’ next episode. So, Janelle said she was happy to have Christine Brown there to help her through it.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown 222

Not One Mom… But Two

It seems these two Sister Wives ladies have a special bond because of their kids. They co-parented the kids together and it was never a case of that’s your mom or she’s your mother. No, it was two moms as far as the kids were concerned.

The Sister Wives adults appear to do battle lately. But it seems as if nothing gets in the way of all the half-siblings relationships with each other. They grew-up close together. This is why the Sister Wives women push to get Coyote Pass houses built. They want that closeness for all their kids again.

Janelle and Christine pretty much took turns birthing babies through the years, with some close enough that they could be twins. There have been 18 births between Kody Brown’s four wives’. He fathered 15 of them.

Kody is the biological father to 15 of the kids. He adopted Robyn’s three oldest kids. But out of 18 kids, not a set of triplets or even twins were born to the four Sister Wives moms.

Still, the Browns refer to three of their kids as triplets even though the three don’t share the same biological mother. Gwendlyn Brown and Gabriel Brown were born around the same time.

Sister Wives: All About the Kids

In fact, Gabe, who is Janelle’s son and Christine’s daughter Gwen have birthdays just four days apart in October. They both came into this world in 2001.  Aurora was born the following April to Robin.

Robyn married Kody Brown when Aurora was in grade school, so this triplet member didn’t know the family as a young child. Once Robyn joined this plural marriage, the trio was in the same grade level all through school.

Christine Brown and her co-wife Janelle shared a lot in common as they raised the kids. So it seemed only natural to the two women to be there together for Maddie’s second birth. Meri Brown probably couldn’t make it due to her business. She’s extremely business-minded these days.

Robyn has Kody Brown’s two youngest children at home. So, that’s probably why she didn’t make the trip to Maddie’s house. But when Maddie was ready to have her second child, Christine flew there to not only support Maddie but her Sister Wives cohort, Janelle Brown as well.

So, there you have it, Janelle is more than happy to share her grandmother limelight with Christine as these two raised each other’s kids as well as their own. Christine is apparently a good mom to Maddie as well as a good co-wife to Janelle.

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