‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Would Do Things Differently – Kody Claims Wives ‘Obsessed’

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown imagines how different life could be as Kody Brown offers what life is like for the Brown family today. The Sister Wives ride out this stay-at-home time in their separate houses. But Kody Brown focuses on what it’s like for him.

Janelle Brown sees today’s life events as the perfect example of why the family should follow Kody’s lead. At the same time, Kody describes a rather ho-hum time while stuck at home. But he never lets on which home he’s staying now.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown At a Loss for Words?

Kody Brown described what it’s like for him during shelter-in-place with four spouses in different locations. Kody started to accumulate wives almost 30 years ago. So, he’s spent almost three decades with some of these ladies, particularly his first three wives, including Janelle Brown.

Even so, Kody is apparently finding it hard to find things in common among his Sister Wives partners for a chat. He claims “life has gotten a bit boring” without much happening. Their communication between households relies on technology. But it sounds like after all these years together, the patriarch finds himself stumped for conversation.

Kody claims he and the Sister Wives only talk about the children. Once they chat about the kids, who are homeschooling, that’s about it, says the leader of the family. Janelle envisioned a different fate for them if they all lived together.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Obsession Takes Over

Kody also said coronavirus chatter’s an “obsession” in his conversations with the Sister Wives. They talk about whether they have sick friends or if they know someone with the virus. Meri Brown sounds like the only wife who gets out regularly. Meanwhile, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown pretty much stay put.

But, Meri says she limits where she goes on her “daily errand running”. So, it sounds as if she does get out but exercises caution – although she likes staying at home. While Kody Brown didn’t mention which of the Sister Wives home he’s in now, fans assume he’s with Robyn Brown.

The fourth wife of the Sister Wives tribe said she’s been talking with the other family members more than usual. That’s because they have all this time at home. But if it were up to Janelle Brown, things would be different today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Would Change the Family Dynamics

As viewers remember, Janelle was the only spouse 100% behind Kody Brown’s big house idea. Today, Janelle Brown thinks riding out this storm under one roof would be ideal. Now that the Sister Wives family quarantines themselves separately, it may be lonely.

Janelle even described what grocery shopping would look like if they shared one home. Janelle said one grocery shopping trip would suffice for four families under one roof. Also, Janelle Brown believes “there would be more camaraderie” in a shared home, making the quarantine easier for the family. Instead, they remain scattered miles apart.

Plus, it looks like Christine Brown tanked the big house concept. And, she’s still paying for that, she said in one of the latest TLC episodes. She said in a confessional that Kody still harbors animosity as he’s not happy she nixed the communal dwelling. Clearly, Janelle still likes the idea. Tune into TLC Sunday night for a new episode of this popular reality show at 10 pm EST.

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