‘Sister Wives’: Janelle’s Security Blanket – Finds Own Niche With Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown goes about daily life on the show without so much as a hint of competition when it comes to attracting Kody Brown’s attention. That’s just one of the reasons fans consider her a favorite among the Sister Wives clan.

Since Sister Wives first graced the TV screen a decade ago, Janelle demonstrates an even-keel personality that Kody Brown’s other three wives don’t seem to have. Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown know how to up the ante on the drama. But that’s not Janelle’s style.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown In a Class All Her Own.

Back when the Sister Wives patriarch took each wife individually to Flagstaff to look at the land choices, Janelle didn’t want a turn. She decided she would be fine with whatever they picked as their new Sister Wives home.

Janelle skirted the drama back then. She still attempts to stay out of it as that drama still goes on today over the real estate they purchased on Coyote Pass. When it was time to move, Janelle moved. She then went back to Vegas every weekend to hold open houses attempting to sell their cul-da-sac homes.

While the other wives and Kody sat and complained about the property in Vegas not selling, Janelle got proactive. She gave up her time with her kids to do something other than constantly complain about it.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown


Hey Look at Me Kody Brown – Not Janelle’s Style

Janelle Brown doesn’t use ploys to lure the attention of her shared husband. Fans of the TLC show have seen Christine Brown pump Kody up with praise and flirt like a high school kid.

News that Meri and Kody’s marriage is over is expected to emerge from the next Sister Wives episode. But fans still witnessed flirting from Meri this season. She talked about Kody’s butt and called him “babe” while the family moved her into the elevator house.

Robyn Brown doesn’t seem to use flirting as a means to get the attention of Kody Brown. No, she gets pouty and it usually works. But recently it seems as if Kody Brown is tired of it. He’s taken to the Sister Wives cameras to complain about Robyn, which is fairly new for him.

It actually looks as if Kody Brown is about fed up with three of his four wives. The only one who doesn’t cause him grief these days seems to be Janelle.

It appears Kody is finished with his marriage to Meri. He’s expressed his angst over Robyn’s antics around buying a house. Then Christine is also on his list as well, which she admitted in the last episode.

Christine shared with the producer in the last episode that Kody is still mad at her for nixing his one house dream. All three wives have rubbed Kody the wrong way this season, except Janelle Brown.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown


Sister Wives: Content In Her Own Skin

Janelle knows where she stands with Kody. She never tries to be something she’s not around her husband to entice him her way. If you look at all four wives, it seems Janelle’s security blanket is realizing to the fullest just what it entails to be happy in a plural marriage.

She is one Sister Wives lady never vying for a bigger piece of Apple Pie Kody Brown. Even with a bunch of kids still at home, she took a rental house in Flagstaff that was much smaller than the rest. She seems to find ways to live life content from within. Janelle appears to realize that a bigger house makes life better. The other wives went for the grand homes, especially Robyn and Meri. But not Janelle.

Janelle Brown also seems to know her place with Kody Brown. She’s one of four wives of this Sister Wives plural marriage and she acts accordingly. Another thing Janelle has going for her is finding common ground with Kody. This way she can enjoy the time spent with him. And… from what Kody says, he enjoys his time with Janelle as well.

Both enjoy their business-minded outlooks. Kody himself said Janelle is not only one of his wives but a good Sister Wives buddy as well. So as the other three compete for some attention from their shared husband, there’s Janelle Brown just taking it all in. She looks content knowing her place with Kody. That’s probably the best security blanket of them all, finding contentment within yourself.

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