‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Post Hints Wedding Rings as Utah Move Stirs?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is the trusted buddy of the famous hubby with four wives so she may know more than she’s letting on these days. But it looks like she may offer a hint in her latest post about the future of the Brown family.

Janelle Brown isn’t a Sister Wives spouse who traditionally plays games with the fans. She doesn’t talk in riddles or post cryptic messages for the fans to figure out. Fans know this Sister Wives lady as the kind, even-keeled wife, and also a straight shooter.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Online Post Raises Questions

So with that said, Janelle Brown might not even realize her latest post leaves room for assumptions. But she’s been a reality star for about a decade. So nothing should surprise this Sister Wives celeb when it comes to what the fans might think.

First of all, Kody Brown has made it clear to the Sister Wives viewers that his heart belongs to Utah. The only reason it’s not their home today is because the state once had strict polygamy laws. These laws once forced them to flee Utah as the authorities closed in.

But anyone following the Sister Wives know how much Kody Brown perked up when the laws governing polygamy in Utah changed. The state no longer prosecutes polygamists just for practicing this lifestyle.

This prompted Sister Wives enthusiasts to probe the leader of the Brown clan. They hopped online to ask if he considers Utah as his next home state. So far it sounds like that ship has sailed for Kody. But fans know all to well how Kody could change his mind in a minute.

No one knows that better than Janelle Brown who, out of all four Sister Wives women, seems to be Kody Brown’s confidant. So when Janelle posted her enthusiasm over the change in the Utah law she seemed to echo her shared husband’s joy.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Post


Only Three Women’s Wedding Rings a Coincidence?

Janelle Brown also posted an article reporting the change in the Utah laws. That article contained a photo symbolizing polygamy. It showed the image of three women’s engagement rings. These diamond rings hook together with one wedding ban.

This Sister Wives mom didn’t create the image, it came along with the article she shared. But those three rings seem to fit with what the previews of the next episode suggested. That’s a man with three wives.

When the next Sister Wives episode rolls out, Meri Brown and Kody Brown reveal their marital status in a therapy session. The bottom line – they no longer consider themselves a married couple.

So unless the Sister Wives editing really beefed it up for the drama, it looks as if Meri and Kody hit the end of their road. This seems to fit in with Janelle’s post of the three wedding bands, whether she meant it to or not.

Sister Wives: Is Utah Next on Kody Brown Drawing Board?

In one of the recent episodes from Sister Wives, Kody learned from his lawyer that his land purchase on Coyote Pass is a gold mine. Even before that, reports indicated the price of the land substantially went up. This made the land a great investment.

But as far as the wives are concerned this is not an investment. The land is earmarked as the place they’ll build the Sister Wives forever homes. It’s been almost two years since this Flagstaff move became more than a lightbulb in Kody’s mind. But the land still sits untouched.

So, Utah enters the picture. It’s the one place on Earth that Kody claims is most like home for him. Now that the state became a safe place for polygamous families, what next? Kody’s enthusiasm for the change in the laws is contagious as Janelle Brown celebrates it with a post as well.

Some folks who follow the Sister Wives ask Kody if Utah is in the family’s future. But now Janelle Brown is seeing the same question as well.

So Janelle Brown’s post stirred up a lot of questions for the fans of TLC’s Sister Wives series. While Kody claims Utah is not in the cards, Janelle’s “happy news” suggests a move to that state might not be off the table yet.

Tune in on Sunday night as TLC rolls out new episodes of this popular reality show at 10 pm EST.

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