‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Mom Dies – Little Miracles Brought Them Together In the End

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown‘s mother, Sheryl Lee Brown, passed away at the age of 76. Janelle says that no one finds themselves ready for the end, even though her mom had been sick for a while.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Mother Sheryl Brown Dies

Sheryl Brown turned 76-years-old on December 7, which is the same day she passed away.

The family history is complex as Janelle’s mom, Sheryl Brown, was once married Kody Brown’s father, Winn Brown. That is why both Janelle and her mother have the last name Brown.

Kody’s father passed away in 2013 at 78 years old. Sheryl married Kody’s father around the same time Janelle entered the Sister Wives family.

This was the first plural marriage for Sheryl Brown as well as Janelle Brown. Both mom and daughter converted to Apostolic United Brethren after failed monogamous marriages. Sister Wives fans got to meet Janelle’s mom on the TLC series. Sheryl joined Kody for a shopping trip, along with his three other mothers-in-law several seasons back.

The late Sheryl Brown, was a nurse and played a big part in helping Janelle acclimate into plural marriage, even though Winn was Sheryl’s first polygamous marriage. Janelle also stayed with her mom and Winn on their Wyoming ranch when she left Kody Brown and Meri Brown early on in her Sister Wives marriage.

Sister Wives: Sheryl Brown

Little Miracle Brought Janelle to Sheryl Brown’s Last Moments Before She Passed Away

It appears this Sister Wives fan-favorite gave herself a week to mourn before revealing the loss of her mom. More than likely this also was a safeguard against the press infiltrating the services for her mom. Sheryl Brown’s services took place on December 12 in Lovell, Wyoming. But today Janelle offers up her thoughts around her mom’s death.

Janelle said that little miracles aligned and they brought both her and her sister to her mom so they could be by her side in the end. She failed to offer details on how those miracles appeared. But it sounds as if some divine intervention allowed Janelle to make it to her mom’s side before she passed away.

Their religious belief includes the internal nature of families. For that reason, Janelle writes, “see you again mom”. The Sister Wives tribe believes they find each other again after death and plan to spend eternity as a family together. This might act as a comforting thought for many people.

Sister Wives: Madison Brown Brush, Evie Brush, Sheryl Brown, Janelle Brown 4 generations of women

Sister Wives: Strong Woman Tribute

Another member of the Sister Wives family also chimed in with her thoughts on Sheryl Brown. That’s Maddie Brown Brush, Janelle’s biological daughter, and Sheryl’s granddaughter.

One of the more recent photos of Sheryl Brown above shows the four generations. Sheryl was the oldest and little Evie Brush is the newest member of the Sister Wives family. Then, of course, there’s Maddie and Janelle Brown.

Maddie writes, “Here is to strong women, who raise strong women, who raise strong women”. That’s quite the loving and proud tribute to her grandmother.

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