‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s House Scene of Mystery Once Kody Arrives

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is in the center of a mystery today after Kody Brown showed up for what the neighbors deem, a weekly visit. The latest photos to emerge spin a few mysteries, not just one, starting with where Janelle lives today.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown and Kody Brown Oblivious to Camera?

Suddenly both Kody and Janelle appear in paparazzi-style photos. You know the look of these shots, from far away and taken behind the trees or bushes. It appears obvious the Sister Wives couple is oblivious to a camera fixed on them. But this spins yet another mystery, are they aware the camera captured them?

These Sister Wives photos appear very different than others taken of the Sister Wives clan. Usually Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, or the other three wives smile at the camera. That’s because usually, they’re aware it’s there. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

It also appears as if Kody Brown has the person behind the camera following him. It appears Papa Brown drives to a few places and the photos seem to document those movements. Shots of him getting into his truck are followed by stops he makes along the way. While the Sister Wives husband of four must be used to cameras by now, it looks as if he has no idea he’s on camera while at his second wives’ house.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Savannah Brown Caught On Camera Too

Janelle and Kody Brown’s 16-year-old daughter, Savannah Brown, joins her mom and dad as they stand outside and talk. Savannah turned 16 on December 7, so maybe this is Kody’s birthday visit to his Sister Wives’ daughter. Although it appears he arrives empty-handed, so it doesn’t seem this is a stop to drop off a gift.

Kody gets out of his heavy-duty-looking pickup truck dressed like a guy coming out of the woods. His plaid lumberjack-like coat, along with gloves gives the Sister Wives patriarch a real deep-woods look.

So, a masked Janelle, along with Kody and Savannah also in masks, carry on a conversation. It all looks very cloak and dagger as they seem unaware of a camera nearby. This quick outside visit also conjures up another mystery – why did he drop by?

Most people probably wouldn’t want cameras lurking nearby without knowing the lens focuses on you. But it might be different for Kody Brown, who fancies himself the leader of the Sister Wives tribe. It appears he just scored the paparazzi following him around.

That’s usually a problem for the big-name celebs. Now Kody, who’s just a reality star, gets the A-list treatment as far as photo-taking goes. So, who knows how the Sister Wives patriarch will react once seeing the photos.

The Sister Wives father of 18 may be angry if he was unaware of their presence or he may feel like he bumped up a level or two as far as fame goes. He actually might feel flattered.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Flagstaff Rental

Sister Wives: What’s Up With Janelle’s Living Arrangements?

Now the mystery deepens even more. A picture of the house where Kody, Janelle, and Savanah carry on this conversation pops up. But that’s not the same rental home pictured above. The house in the photo above is not the same as the one from these paparazzi-like photos. Janelle moved into the house above when the Sister Wives clan landed in Flagstaff.

Both Meri Brown and Robyn Brown needed to move since first arriving in Flagstaff. Fans of the Sister Wives series watched as they made the rounds on screen. In fact, Meri had to move twice. But nothing popped up about Janelle needing to move.

When they landed in Flagstaff Janelle’s house showed up in quite a few clips and photos. But… this latest report describes Janelle Brown’s house as a “one-story rental”.

Fans of the Sister Wives series got to see Janelle Brown’s two-story rental inside and out. Also, according to this report, Janelle’s home is located just a few miles from Kody Brown’s main home, which is considered the house Robyn occupies.

Janelle Brown described being much further than a few miles away from her co-wives when she moved into her Flagstaff digs. The home Janelle ended up with appeared as a downgrade from her Vegas home. This stunned the viewers when first seeing Janelle’s rental home in Flagstaff.

Compared to the other wives’ homes, Janelle’s house was small and in a neighborhood with homes on top of one another. So, did Janelle Brown pack up and move to another Flagstaff home? The latest picture seems to indicate this. But Janelle’s photos over the last several months seem to indicate she’s in the same home she first moved into when hitting Flagstaff.

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