‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Describes Bone-Chilling Ordeal

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown doesn’t seem like the wife who’d attempt such a chilling feat but for some reason, she felt compelled. Describing this short but odd journey in her own words, Janelle surprised her fans because it seems so unlike this wife from Sister Wives.

Christine Brown is probably the Sister Wives co-wife you might expect to do something like this because of her adventurist style. But no, this time around it’s a tale about Janelle looking for adventure.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Sets Out To Find Herself

This story that Janelle penned in a book years back also demonstrates how Kody Brown and his co-wives’ lives intertwined even before their Sister Wives marriages.

At the time, Janelle Brown was just 22-years-old. She was already divorced from Meri Brown’s brother and on a journey to find herself. As an adult on her own, she decided to explore her infatuation for Native American life.

So, Janelle decided she’d not only explore their way of living, she would live just like the Native Americans did years ago. So she quit her job and brought herself a teepee.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Another Brown Family Patriarch Offers Helping Hand

This is where more family ties fall into place for this Sister Wives future bride. Kody’s father had lots of land on his ranch, so this is the place Janelle Brown opted to erect her teepee. This was to be her future home, in the wilderness on Kody Brown’s father’s ranch.

Janelle was just starting to eye Kody Brown and think about his Sister Wives’ lifestyle. But this meant leaving her faith. Her mom had already done this. She joined Kody’s father in his polygamous marriage.

At the time she needed to ponder her future. Since Winn Brown was married to Janelle’s mother, he considered Janelle someone he needed to take care of. She was now part of his circle of family members. But he had a different husband in mind for Janelle, Kody’s brother.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown puts up teepee

Sister Wives: Brown Family Merry-Go-Round

While Janelle eyed Kody, Winn Brown had Kody’s brother in mind for her. Anyway, Sister Wives fans already know who she picked out of the two brothers. So… back to her teepee living.

Wife number two from the Sister Wives, happen to have this teepee notion in November. This meant the temps were below freezing. But in Janelle’s line of thought, the Native Americans toughed out all types of weather in their teepees.

Janelle’s throwback photo above shows a group of people gathered around her teepee with some helping her put it up. She said Kody appears in the picture as well. It looks like he’s the guy on top of the ladder. From the looks of this teepee’s surroundings, Janelle didn’t venture too far out into the wilderness.

So she spent the day setting up her new home and prepared to nestle in for her journey of tough living. But she didn’t even last the first night. This temp dropped and the journey became too bone-chilling for this future Sister Wives mom.

Luckily she staked her teepee on the land where her mother’s warm house sat. Her mom had her own Sister Wives thing going with the father of Kody Brown. After a few bone-chilling hours, Janelle made a B-line to the house. While she still loves learning about the history of the real first settlers of this land, she’s probably not too anxious to mimic their way of life anymore.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

In a Nut Shell

Janelle Brown put her teepee up on Kody Brown’s father’s land. She needed time to think over her feelings for Kody. This was after she divorced Meri’s brother. Thankfully her supportive mother lived there as well. That’s because she married Kody’s dad and became one of his wives.

While Janelle contemplated a possible life with Kody, his father attempted to get Janelle married to Kody’s brother. But that never panned out and… the rest is Sister Wives history. Oh… and teepee life didn’t agree with Janelle Brown.

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