‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s New Post Tricky – Fans Just Think It’s Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is a proud mom of all Kody Brown’s 18 kids, which she explains in her social media profile introduction. While she is the biological mom to six children, Janelle Brown considers herself a mom to all 18 in the Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Hits the Ground Running

It seems the pandemic has made Janelle Brown’s home a little more crowded than usual. But it’s also a happy place as well. It sounds like one mom running the household with a few teens in the house is not light work.

This Sister Wives mom’s latest post gives you a feel for what just one day in her life is like. Janelle writes that she’s had one crazy day starting with Gabriel Brown, who had his wisdom teeth extracted. But that’s not all, she had a “myriad” of other appointments as well.

So to ease up on herself at the end of the day, Janelle Brown decided to order take out for her arm of the Sister Wives brood. That’s when Garrison Brown stepped up to the plate or the stove in this case.

He offered to cook dinner for his mother, which helped take the pressure off of Janelle’s taxing day. It looks like the second wife from the Sister Wives tribe was happy to take her son up on his offer.

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown

Garrison Brown Showing Off His Cooking Skills

Janelle said she tried to capture a shot of Garrison Brown cooking dinner but he got silly. So the result of her efforts gave her the photo above.

Plenty of the TLC reality series fans praised Janelle for raising such a helpful son. But they also praised Garrison as well for stepping in and making his Sister Wives mother’s daily load less stressful.

But there’s something else the Sister Wives followers saw immediately when eyeing this photo. The viewers of this reality series suggested that the most amazing aspect of Janelle Brown’s post was who Garrison looks like today. They say he’s a Kody Brown mini-me.

Sister Wives: Robert Garrison Brown Kylie Marshall

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown Looks Just Like Dad Kody Brown

Some fans did a double-take when first looking at Janelle’s latest post. They suggest that the Sister Wives patriarch’s son is the spitting image of him.

Robert Garrison Brown is 22-years-old and the seventh child for Kody Brown. He’s Janelle Brown’s biological son and her fourth child. Growing up, the family called him by his middle name, Garrison, and they still do today.

But Garrison started to use his real first name, Robert, in recent years. Several photos online picture Garrison with his long-time girlfriend, Kylie Marshall.

The two of them also model the brand of clothes Garrison sells online. Sister Wives viewers have also seen Kody Brown in his son’s floral print attire. The brand offers clothes for both women and men. Kody seems to like the Hawaiian-style shirts that Garrison offers as part of his print collection.

The older that Kody’s son gets, the more he seems to resemble his dad. So in this case it appears that the fabled apple that fell from the tree didn’t go far at all.

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