‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Erupts – Kody Calls Out Liars

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown looks fed up on the next episode and Kody Brown throws out accusations of lies. On Sunday’s new show, the family looks fragile. So, it appears the Brown tribe may be at great risk as a family unit.

Sister Wives: Is Janelle Brown Shocked Over Family Interactions?

Janelle Brown talks into the TLC camera with a demeanor seldom seen from Kody Brown’s even-keeled wife. She asks, “What kind of family are we”? The other wives seem to dig their heels in about Kody’s shared house idea. But, Janelle Brown sees this as the true meaning of the polygamous lifestyle.

Apparently, some of the Sister Wives won’t even entertain the thought of this one large home. So, Kody Brown said he only asked for open minds. But, it doesn’t appear he got his wish. A pros and cons session on the one-home pops up as Kody’s newest ploy.

But instead, he has his board set up as “Why” and “Why Not” reasons for a shared house. Then, the wives complain this is growing old and many viewers agree and are tired of the house talk. Now, this week, tempers flare, there’s waterworks and some disparaging comments flung.

Sister Wives patriarch Kody displays a range of emotions – even some self-pity – in the new episode. But fans know to tread cautiously when coming to conclusions from promos. It seems TLC edits have led them in the wrong direction before.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Meets Four Despondent Faces

Still, the faces on the Sister Wives women couldn’t look anymore down. Add those sad-looking faces to the tears flowing from Robyn Brown for the big picture. All of this seems to indicate a huge problem festering among Kody Brown and his wives.

The body language in the Sister Wives photo above doesn’t look great. Especially with Janelle Brown sitting so far away from the other three wives on the couch. Because, Janelle Brown is with Kody Brown 100% on the big shared home. But so far it looks as if Janelle’s the only one ally he’s got.

Meri Brown admits that she’s afraid to say the wrong thing. Plus, Kody pops up in a clip and complains they’re lying to him. It sounds like he’s speaking of one or more of his wives. Wait and see how this goes with Kody Brown on the next episode. And, the Sister Wives scenes has Janelle Brown looking shocked over the family’s future.

Sister Wives Don’t Want to See Kody With Others

Robyn sparked talk last week when she pointed out they’d be “rubbing” against each other in a shared Sister Wives’ home. She said knowing your husband is with another wife is different than seeing it for yourself. In one shared space, Kody Brown would be in the wives’ faces as he stepped out with another wife.

Janelle Brown revealed recently that the family is not as close as it once was. And, Janelle feels living in separate Sister Wives houses is the biggest culprit. Over the years, despite living next door in Vegas, the family drifted apart. That’s according to Janelle Brown as she compared their shared home in Utah.

In this week’s episode, Robyn cries at the family meeting. She tells her Sister Wives co-what they had in Vegas was great. Then, it seems Janelle Brown takes issue with that since Robyn never lived under one roof with them. So, when Janelle asks what kind of family they have, it might be about embracing a polygamous living arrangement.

Tune in Sunday at 10 pm EST to catch a new episode on  TLC.

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