‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Son on Thin Ice – Shoutout for ‘Help’

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown has one son who treads on thin ice today, and it was Robert Garrison Brown. But, he also asks for help to get out of the predicament he’s in. It seems Robert Garrison, the Sister Wives son, who Janelle usually refers to as Garrison, is in the spotlight today.

Sister Wives: Janelle’s Son, Robert Garrison Brown, Looks Cold

If for nothing else, this Sister Wives offspring seems to have quite a sense of humor. When Janelle’s son showed his fans two photos he presented them with a comic flair.

It’s easy to see Robert Brown is lying down on an iced-over lake or pond. But that ice is so transparent that it looks like it is very thin.

Janelle Brown’s young man seems to get his sense of humor from his mom. This Sister Wives mom often puts a smile on the faces of viewers with her witty one-liners.

Sister Wives: Robert Brown

Robert Brown On Ice

Up until recently, this 22-year-old adult offspring from Sister Wives went by Garrison to his family. He started his own website as an entrepreneur under Robert. He often refers to himself as Bob as well. But mom Janelle still calls him Garrison.

Janelle’s fourth child is also her third son but he doesn’t seem to suffer from that middle child syndrome. No, he appears pretty self-confident with his coming and goings as a young adult.

Fans often suggest Robert could be Kody Brown’s twin. Or at least a mini-me of Kody compared to all his other kids.

It appears Janelle and Kody’s son is big into photography these days. His Sister Wives mom often shows off his camera work to her followers. One thing is for sure, Janelle is a proud mom of this son, just as she seems to be with all her kids.

Robert’s first big venture came by the way of floral prints. He created a website that sells those Hawaiian-type shirts, along with other articles of clothing designed with floral fabric.

The Sister Wives patriarch wore these shirts for a while on the series. So it seems Kody played some part in promoting his son’s business.

Sister Wives: Robert Brown

Sister Wives: He’s Still On Ice So… ‘Help’

It looks as if Robert Brown passes a message along to his Sister Wives followers with his icy photo. He writes, “Become Ungovernable” as he lays across a thin sheet of ice on a lake.

Warnings pop up everywhere each winter season about the perils of thin ice. So, is Robert showing he won’t heed those warnings? He’s not just right at the shore in this photo. The first picture above shows Janelle’s son several feet off the beach on frozen water.

He jokes with the viewers by saying he’s still out there on that ice in case anyone is wondering. He also writes “help”, which adds some humor to his photos.

No matter how old your kids get, you worry. It’s not known what Robert’s Sister Wives mom thinks about this pose. But from the appearance of things, it seems that he needs to tread with caution on his way back in.

Even though this son is 22, what fans know from watching the show, Janelle will probably mention how risky this looks when talking next with Robert Brown.

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