‘Sister Wives’: Did Robyn Brown Disappear after Fighting Losing Battle?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown disappeared at the end of last season, and it has to take some work on her part to stay out of the public eye. Kody Brown sightings are also rare. Still, the shared husband pops up in a photo now and then.

But Robyn Brown seems to do the impossible in a world where everyone has a camera constantly at the ready. Photos of the youngest Sister Wives spouse seemed to stop as the last season came to an abrupt halt.

Remember, last season ended with no “Tell All” episode. Then Kody, with just two wives, said their final goodbyes for the season on the final couch segment.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Could Never Shake Homewrecker Tag?

In a Sister Wives book, Robyn tried to dispel a few rumors. That included writing about the homewrecker reputation she found herself saddled with online. Despite Robyn’s attempt to rid this myth a decade ago, it didn’t work.

Even today, you’re apt to find a Sister Wives discussion suggesting the last wife to join this family still turned the plural marriage upside down. Some fans seem to think that some of the other co-wives problems stem from Robyn Brown. Many viewers still think that Kody Brown favors his younger wife over the other wives.

Despite Kody claiming that this is just not the case, wife number four just can’t shake this fan assumption. Over a decade of being that homewrecker wife in the eyes of Sister Wives fans may take a toll on Robyn Brown. So, maybe her recent disappearance has to do with her getting tired of defending herself to the fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

It Never Stops

The blame for family problems still falls on Robyn Brown today when it comes to the fans across social media. Many viewers who watched the recent Sister Wives seasons see the Flagstaff move as poor planning on Kody Brown’s part. But Robyn also gets some of the blame.

The accusations regarding the fourth wife’s part in this relocation surfaced not long after they announced the move. That’s when Sister Wives followers discovered where Dayton Brown enrolled in college. Robyn Brown’s oldest child decided to attend a Flagstaff area college while the family still lived in Vegas.

That’s all it took, and Robyn became the catalyst for the Flagstaff move in the eyes of some fans. They suddenly saw this move about this Sister Wives mom’s need to be near her son.

So not only is Robyn accused of monopolizing her shared husband’s time and affection, but she’s now responsible for the family’s move. It seems for this Sister Wives mother and wife, it never stops.

Maybe staying out of the pubic eye with this disappearing act gives this fourth wife a respite from this losing battle.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Wife Number Four Fuels Her Own Fire?

It’s possible that the sudden fame started Robyn Brown off in a whirlwind. She joined the family just as the cameras came into their lives. But instead of sitting back and taking stock of the landscape, the fourth wife joined the Sister Wives marriage and made a lot of noise.

Kody, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown had a few decades together before Robyn’s entrance into their union. But during the interviews, this new Sister Wives lady seemed to answer things that were better left for a veteran of this marriage to answer.

During Robyn’s early days in the family, the five Sister Wives in this marriage gave many interviews. But instead of letting one of the other wives, with years under their belt as Kody Brown’s wife, answer the questions, she’d often jump in.

Many fans took this as Robyn attempting to take over the Sister Wives family. Even today, it seems to the fans that Kody’s youngest wife acts as the spokesperson for the family at times. But is this the case, or are the fans seeing something else at work here? The possibility of editing should also be considered.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Did Robyn Fall Victim to Bad Edit?

It’s possible only Robyn’s answer makes it to the screen via editing even though all four wives answered. This would give the impression to fans across the social media sites that Robyn took over. Critics comment that Robyn stepped into the role of Sister Wives’ matriarch, the position Meri Brown once held.

The suggestions about Robyn Brown taking over are still alive and kicking today with the fans. But only because this is what they see on TLC’s Sister Wives episodes. Maybe it isn’t Robyn but the editing to blame.

But for whatever reason, the fans see her front and center, and their comments address this, although not always in a nice way. After decades of fighting the critics, maybe Robyn has just had enough, and she’s tucked herself away until the new season rolls out.

Instead of the fans’ suggestions that she’s hiding a pregnancy or sickness, just maybe her disappearance from the public is as simple as this.

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