‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Moans Over Wife Rule On Twitter – Gets No Sympathy

Sister Wives star Kody Brown might be fishing for sympathy with his latest complaint on Twitter. Too bad the polar opposite is happening. Certainly, it’s not clear why he would post such a bizarre complaint. Instead of finding any sympathy online – it’s more like he’s getting kicked in the comments.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Feeling Stifled?

Kody Brown’s plural marriage with Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown comes with rules. It seems one of those rules is based on warding off jealousy. The Brown wives shared their need to keep jealousy to a minimum on Sister Wives through the seasons.

That rule doesn’t allow the man with four wives to show affection openly when he feels like it. This results in no flirting with one wife if any of the other wives are present. Kody Brown has four women who love him. So if he woos one in front of the other wives, the green-eyed monster might emerge.

Rule to Stave Off Jealousy

The Sister Wives clan plays down any bouts of jealousy this plural marriage of five might experience. But when Robyn came on the scene as Kody’s fourth wife, jealousy was apparent. It looked like there was no disguising how the other three wives were feeling back then. As Kody Brown got all wound up with Robyn the other wives took notice.

When he acted like a teenager just discovering the joys of testosterone, tempers flared. While jealousy still does exist from time to time among Kody and his wives, they deal with it maturely today. Robyn explained how they look to God to stave off bouts of envy among the wives. The polygamous lifestyle on SW is based on religion. Furthermore, their specific offshoot branch of LDS encourages a man to take more than one wife.

Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown – God Guides Them

They believe God provides them with understanding. So, these four women try to live harmoniously as they attempt to do on the show Sister Wives. Apparently, they believe they can happily share the patriarch. This includes bedding down with the same man.

A safeguard for staving off jealousy is provided by Kody Brown. It seems it’s his duty not to show affection to one wife in front of the other wives. Yet, suddenly this makes him feel sad. After spending about a quarter of a century in a polygamous marriage, why complain now? Furthermore, Kody posted his sorrow for the world to see, especially his fans of SW.

Kody Brown Very Sad He Can’t Flirt With Sister Wives

Kody starts out by saying he thinks this rule is “very sad” for him. He doesn’t like the idea that he can’t “flirt” with one of his wives while the others are present. He then claims that “some things may never be safe”.

If this was the Sister Wives star’s way of enticing empathy from people online, he missed the mark by a mile. From the many comments on his Twitter post, SW fans thought he had no right to be “sad” at all. You can see some of the comments posted throughout this article.

Boo-Hoo From the Sister Wives Fans

The patriarch of the Sister Wives brood was reminded that he “got himself into this” in one comment. Many people didn’t even acknowledge his tale of woe. They suggested the women pack up and leave him behind. Another commenter suggested Kody Brown try and empathize with his wives.

Other TLC fans wondered if Kody is capable of putting himself in his wives’ shoes. Just his complaint alone seems to answer that question. If he is capable of empathizing with them, he probably wouldn’t have posted this comment in the first place. So, watch the new season of SW on TLC Sunday nights.

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