‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Cringes but Robyn Cries Over Show’s Side Effects

Sister Wives stars Robyn Brown and Christine Brown offer polarized but interesting takes on the side effects of being reality show stars. During an interview, different questions popped up for all the wives of this TLC reality series to answer. These included what the ladies found beneficial or not beneficial about appearing on this show.

All four women expressed their happiness for their Sister Wives series softening the opinions of the public about polygamous families. But along with the good results, some negative ones surfaced in the wake of Sister Wives as well.

It seems that spilling their personal lives in front of Sister Wives TV cameras doesn’t always feel good.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Cries – She Tends to Do that a Lot

A very emotional Robyn Brown broke out in tears as she got ready to share a story. The interviewer asked if she had some good stories to report that stem from her appearance on Sister Wives.

She sure did, but she turned on the waterworks before saying a word. Then she choked out the words, “I am the Cryer”. As if her fans didn’t know that already.

All the Sister Wives ladies got their chance. For Meri Brown, it reaffirmed for her that they softened the harsh feelings the public had on polygamy. They got through to many people out there. The show seemed to help change some of those awful thoughts about all polygamous marriages.

Meri claims it showed the viewers how their 18 kids are respected as individuals. The public got to see they don’t push their kids into anything they don’t want, like plural marriage.

Janelle Brown pretty much felt the same way as Meri. The world got to see their kids, none of who express interest for themselves when it comes to plural marriage, given the freedom to chose.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Robyn Paved the Way for Her Mom Via TLC Show

So, after that confession about her tendency to sob, Robyn talked about her mom, who was the second to marry into a polygamous family.

Robyn talked about her dad becoming hospitalized with a serious illness. It sounds like Robyn Brown’s mother ran across the old “immediate relatives only” when it came to staying by his bedside.

But Robyn Brown and the Sister Wives spouses spent the last several years on TV. While doing this they normalized polygamous families. So, her mother fell under immediate family for the nurse who let her into her shared husbands’ hospital room.

Robyn cried when she recalled how their journey on TV paved the way for her mother to be recognized as an immediate family member without a legal marriage.

The youngest of the Sister Wives brides recalled how this reaffirmed for her that the show made a difference. But during this same interview, Christine Brown offered up a startling side effect after asked about their children.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Claims Fame Comes With Worries

Robyn feeling as if she opened a door wasn’t the only interesting thing to come out of this Sister Wives interview. Sure, she believes she was instrumental in allowing sister wives everywhere to gather around the hospital bed of their shared ailing husbands.

But this was just the start as one of the four wives describes worries that come along with being in a fishbowl. Christine Brown described the darker half of the side effects she’s encountered since becoming a Sister Wives TV star.

This has to do with the Sister Wives kids. With all their trials and tribulations playing out on the TV screen, Christine shares how she’s fearful her kids might see something she doesn’t want them to see.

She claims they have witnessed stuff at times on the show.  They’ve also given her the ick-like response in past after seeing something. Not one out of the Sister Wives 18 kids leans toward polygamy. Although three of the kids are way too young to consider any marriage at their ages. But Janelle said all of the kids remain happy and they love their big family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Never Mind Christine – What About Kody’s Behavior on Camera?

Maybe Christine should consider how Kody looks to the kids on the TLC series. Better yet, some of the viewers suggest that the Sister Wives patriarch should take a look at himself as well. Although he did say he’s not looking forward to watching the episodes this season. He fears he may find himself painted in a rather unfavorable light.

Just over the last two seasons, he said some horrendous things to the women he professes to love. Most Sister Wives fans would agree that Meri took the brunt of that. As far as the kids having four moms and loving this family structure, that seems to run into problems as well.

It wasn’t that long ago that it looked like Maddie Brown Brush referred to Meri Brown as “abusive” and a “monster”. She appeared to do this in retaliation for something Meri posted online.

The Five Brown Spouses

Sister Wives: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It seems as if this new interview offers a good, bad, and sometimes ugly insight into what fame brought the Sister Wives family.

Robyn seems very proud to have made such a difference, which benefited her mother during a trying time. All the wives seem proud of their offspring and how they demonstrated good children also come out of plural marriages.

This interview also puts a spotlight on the worries Christine harbors about their offspring seeing too much. While the other wives honed in on the children being so well-rounded, Christine worried about what they see.

Christine calls this her legacy and once it’s on camera, it is out there forever. So she worried about what her brood might take away from this. Even today Christine Brown said her children sometimes ask her why she did this or said that while on TV.

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