‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s Pout Makes No Sense After Quick Turn Around

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown isn’t the most animated out of all four wives on the show but the pout she sports lately is hard to ignore. It’s certainly hard to ignore for Kody Brown. But the fans also comment about her demeanor across social media.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Wears a Pout These Days

The fourth wife to join the Sister Wives tribe seems to be on a crusade to save the family’s finances. Robyn Brown doesn’t want to spend money on buying a home. That’s because it will set the Browns back from building homes.

Robyn Brown’s mood starts to affect the entire family. Even Janelle Brown believes the rift between Robyn and Kody is serious. Robyn never brings up her problems concerning the Sister Wives’ shared husband. So, when she talks about this with all four wives, a red flag goes up for Janelle.

Kody Brown fumes and Robyn Brown pouts as they go about their daily activities. In between, they blow sky high in anger when Kody mentions buying and Robyn sticks to wanting a rental. This Sister Wives duo looks to be in big trouble relationship-wise.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown: About Face, Forward March – What Happened?

But something must have happened. That’s because Robyn Brown, who was so concerned about saving money, now, in real-time, she lives in a home that costs just south of a million bucks.

While she fought Kody tooth and nail to hold out for a rental, that didn’t happen. Sister Wives followers already know that in real-life Robyn Brown lives in a home that she owns today, along with Kody. His name goes on all his wives’ home titles.

So, if Robyn couldn’t get her own way, which was renting a home, why wouldn’t she insist on economizing when buying a home? This house gives each of her kids their own bedrooms and it boasts four bathrooms.

Her new Sister Wives abode offers all the luxuries, which is nice, but not always essential. Robyn Brown’s campaign to save the Sister Wives money seemed to fly out the window with the purchase of this house for just under $1 million.

Sister Wives: Family Finances Now Take Back Seat

The home listed for $936,135, but records indicate the Sister Wives couple closed on the home in August for the price of $890,000.

Robyn has five kids living with her in the new 4,395-square-foot home. But families everywhere can and have raised their kids in houses half that size, even smaller than half the size.

It just makes sense that if Robyn Brown’s main reason not to buy was to save their finances for building, she would have economized. Especially if this is just a temporary home like they say.

The Sister Wives co-wives aren’t even sure anymore what will happen with Coyote Pass. Now that Robyn has such a lavish home, maybe this is the place she plans on staying. After all, in a recent episode, Kody learned the price of his land has skyrocketed.

His lawyer told him if he built homes on the sites to rent out, he’d make a killing. Flagstaff rental market is at a premium because it lacks homes for rent.

So, did Kody get those money signs in his eyes once more and change the course for the Sister Wives‘ future living plans? Did this start with Robyn Brown buying her own cushy estate that’s far from temporary digs?

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