‘Sister Wives’: Robyn and Kody Brown at Odds – Divorce Looms?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is at odds with his fourth wife Robyn Brown. This is not what we have grown to expect since Robyn has long been rumored to be Kody’s favorite of his four wives. However, the move to Flagstaff has left his youngest wife “disenfranchised”.

So now for the first time in their decade long marriage, we see the cracks showing in Kody Brown’s Sister Wives marriage to Robin Brown. Plus the once supportive cheerleader of a wife has found her voice and no longer is sitting idly by. In the next episode, we’ll see temper flares and a threat Kody Brown says out loud that just cannot be forgotten by Robyn Brown or the fans.

Sister Wives Update: Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Have 60 Days To Move

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown along with Robyn Brown (his only legal wife) sits their five kids down for a family meeting. Kody shares the bad news to the children, the owners of their house are selling. So they will have to move again within two months. Of course, this is not the news the family wants to hear. After all, Kody promised Robyn and in turn, she promised the kids, the move to Flagstaff would unite the family. However, this move has been nothing more than broken promises as far as Robyn is concerned.

Now the Sister Wives mom of five is at a loss on how to explain things to their children. Plus she and Kody are at odds over their housing situation. First, it was the move from Las Vegas, then it was the big house idea, now its whether to buy or rent. However, Robyn just wants to build on their Coyote Pass property and reunite the entire Brown clan. But Kody is of the mindset that it’s his way or the highway. These days Robyn Brown isn’t sitting back and letting Kody call the shots

Sister Wives: Robyn and Kody Brown Fight In Front of their Kids

Sister Wives’ previews show the couple’s disagreement is witnessed by the kids. They are distraught over moving again so soon. Recall that the older girls already have been struggling to adjust to Flagstaff. They miss their siblings desperately and are having a hard time making new friends.

Kody Brown and Robyn’s marriage issues are front and center. The Sister Wives kids are picking up on it. Kody’s already questioning his faith. And now he is trying to convince Robyn the direction he’s getting from God is what is guiding him. However, she informs him that she is not getting that same message she’s receiving from Him.

Threats to Dissolve Partnership – Is Divorce Next?

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown is adamant about him and Robyn buying a house. In fact, he is so certain and set in his decision that he threats to dissolve his “partnership” with Robyn over it. Does Kody seriously into divorce his legal wife over a decision over renting versus buying? It sure appears that way.

The husband of four is acting like one of his 18 children. He’s not getting his way so he acting like a petulant child rather than the leader of the Sister Wives family. It seems rather extreme to threaten to end a marriage over this but yet that’s just what Kody alludes he is willing to do.

In fact, Kody says he will buy his own house. So does that mean the wives now will take turns rotating nights at his place? Hopefully, Kody was just blowing off steam. However, his words stung like a bee and no doubt Robyn Brown nor the Sister Wives fans will soon forget.

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