‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Questioned on Health Aspects of Sleeping with Four Women

Sister Wives star Kody Brown gets asked a lot of questions about his polygamous lifestyle but recently a more personal inquiry popped up. The last post the Sister Wives patriarch added to Instagram was over a year ago. At the time he publicly asked God if he could keep “this place” when he gets to heaven.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Thinks He’s Going to Heaven?

Kody Brown posted his online request to God along with a picture that looks like his land in Flagstaff at sunset. In the last several weeks, this post started collecting comments, including someone who threw his words right back at him. “Funny you think you’re going to heaven,” sarcastically writes one of the Sister Wives husband’s followers.

It looks like Sister Wives enthusiasts offered a mixed bag of comments recently from across the Globe. While many of the comments seemed to demonstrate a bit of bashing aimed at the Sister Wives papa, they weren’t all bad. One fan wrote in German to Kody Brown. The comment suggests Kody seems nicer lately and that they see him as very sexy.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown


Health Issues When One Man Has Private Relations With Four Women

Last week a comment popped up from one of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives followers that might raise an eyebrow or two. They offered a shout out to any doctor out there. They wanted the opinion of someone in the medical field regarding the health safety of one man sleeping with four women.

It doesn’t look like a doctor or a medical provider of any type chimed in but neither did Kody Brown. While fans of the Sister Wives have addressed the sleeping arrangement of Kody Brown and his four wives before, it’s usually not pertaining to safe sex.

It seems in the past most questions zeroed-in on the schedule that Kody supposedly keeps. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown have addressed this in the past. Apparently, Kody was like clockwork. Each wife got him every fourth night.

Kody Brown moved his luggage from room to room even when the Sister Wives stayed in a hotel during a vacation. Each morning he would carry his suitcases to the next room like a dutiful husband. He demonstrates that hotel room loyalty in the video below.

While the viewers watch Sister Wives and Kody Brown for all sorts of reasons, many are just curious as to how the other half lives. But when asked during a television interview about the most frequent questions to come their way, the Sister Wives women said, “the schedule”.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Bedroom Schedule Again

People seem very interested in several avenues connected to the bedtime rituals of the Sister Wives. They want to know about jealousy, which all three wives addressed at one time or another during the seasons. Even Kody Brown addressed this in a roundabout way during the last season of the show.

When having the blueprints for his big house dream drawn up, Kody made a special point of wanting the bedrooms far apart. He didn’t want bedrooms sharing adjoining walls. It seemed he wanted no chance that of any of his Sister Wives ladies could hear anything coming from their private bedrooms. So he directed the bedrooms designed far apart.

It seems he knew what a sacred space the bedroom was to each of his wives. Viewers of the show got to see just how sacred these rooms are to Kody Brown’s wives. Early on during the Sister Wives series, the women took a tour of their bedrooms together. They did say it is one room they stay away from, another wives’ bedroom.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Bedroom Angst – Side Affect of Plural Marriage?

Since this tour took place during the earlier seasons, it seemed as if Kody and Robyn were still in a honeymoon-like stage at the time. This could be why it seemed the other wives appeared extremely uncomfortable touring Robyn’s bedroom.

While they all looked out of sorts, Robyn’s room seemed to bring up more angst. When they got to her room, they were upset after seeing what Kody left on Robyn’s nightstand. Let’s just say it was a reminder they didn’t want to see.

While the question regarding safe sex with four different women finally popped up, it went unanswered. Since this series began people probably pondered this very question. But, it’s just a little over the line to ask that of Kody Brown during the televised interviews. Maybe that piece of the plural marriage will remain private?

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