‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Pulls out the Big AMMO – Comes out of Hiding [Photos]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks like the master of advertising after he did nothing but smile then let his wives run with a photo online. He’s remained extremely quiet across social media in the last few months, as has Robyn Brown, his fourth wife.

Kody gave fans plenty of room for assumption recently. After the last season ended he kept himself quietly tucked away from the online world which promoted chatter.

As a new season Sister Wives season nears many fans thought Meri Brown finally leaves Kody. Fuel for that fire came from her many online posts with Meri always alone. After the last season came to a close, Meri traveled a lot but her photos never included her Sister Wives co-wives or Kody Brown. But that solo-act theory just flew out the window thanks to a trio of posts from Christine.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Often Made Out to Be the Ogre

Some Sister Wives viewers don’t particularly care for Kody Brown. Some don’t like him just because he has four wives. Other followers of the TLC show don’t like the way Kody treats the four women he married.

Fans don’t see this man, who has almost two dozen family members, as gainfully employed. Especially after the Sister Wives ladies shared how they pool their earnings. So to some viewers, it looks as if Kody Brown has it made with four wives working as he “leads” the family.

With all the different opinions chiming in, over the years Kody often takes on the role of an ogre for the Sister Wives followers. But no one knows what really goes on behind the scenes.

But today it looks like Kody Brown pulled a great advertising ploy for the series. He did this by just staying out of the public eye along with Robyn. Whether he meant to or not, this started the chatter online, which works well as a means for promoting the show.

Positive or negative chatter, people talking about the Sister Wives is publicity. With Kody’s wife Meri seeming all alone over the last several months and Robyn nowhere to be found, fans assumed many things.

This online chatter had Kody spending all his time with Robyn. Other people suggested Meri was ready to step out of her marriage after going it alone over the last several months. Then bam – it looks like a series of new photos blow the fans’ theories out of the water.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown

Kody, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown Traveling Together?

Sister Wives enthusiasts who follow the wives and Kody Brown online know Meri is traveling this week. She is going to five states during a five-day trip, which appears to be LuLaRoe affiliated. Over the past few months, these trips included pictures of Meri with her LuLaRoe co-workers.

But unlike recent travels, this trip puts Meri with two of her co-wives at the Dallas airport having dinner at TGIF. Then another pic has all four wives crowding around a “Proper Attire Required” sign. The latest photo has all four women in this Sister Wives plural marriage out for dinner with their shared-husband Kody Brown.

This lowers the boom on the theory that the family goes in different directions these days. It looks like Kody pulled an ingenious ploy going by keeping the family separated in photos since the last season ended. This promoted the chatter keeping the Sister Wives front and center for the fans. But some fans aren’t buying that. Some think they just plugged in old photos or photoshopped the family together.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Did Old Family Photos Fill In the Void?

If Kody Brown did orchestrate the lack of the Sister Wives appearing together online between the two seasons, he did a good job. Meri looked as if she was sailing on her own these days. Without any sign of the patriarch and Robyn, the chatter blew up about Kody and his favorite wife as well.

The publicity alone for the new season is priceless. If this is what he did, by using social media, he got this chatter going, keeping his Sister Wives family in the limelight until this new season rolls out in January. But some fans think all is not fine and Kody Brown attempts to make it look that way today via pictures posted by his wives.

Some veteran Sister Wives enthusiasts think they’ve seen the TGIF picture above before. But Meri Brown posted photos on her site at the airport this week wearing a “Fall Back” logo on her shirt. It looks like she’s wearing the same shirt in her photos alone at the airport as she does in the photo with Janelle and Christine. It is not known when the photo of Kody Brown and his four wives at dinner was taken.

What’s That They’re Wearing?

Christine posted the dinner picture and in the caption, she “feels blessed to embrace our plural family in public”. But look at the pic of the four wives around the “Proper Attire” sign without Kody Brown. You can see that Robyn and Janelle wear the same outfits that they do at dinner with their shared-husband.

You can’t see what Meri is wearing as she is behind Christine. Then Christine has on a coat so you can’t see her clothes as well. But this seems to indicate the two photos were taken on the same day. Although was that recently or a year ago? Some fans question the timeline of these Sister Wives photos. Did they just pluck them out of the family album or were they taken recently?

Sister Wives: Either Way – Kody Brown Gets Free Advertising

While TLC is the entity that needs to worry about Sister Wives bringing in the viewers, Kody Brown has a stake in this as well. If the ratings fall off, there’s always a chance the show gets canceled. So keeping the fans wanting more is beneficial to Papa Brown.

After months of Kody Brown avoiding online photos with his wives, it seems coincidental that he suddenly pops up now and with Robyn to boot. She too seemed off the Sister Wives grid as well since the last season ended. Now with TLC announcing the Season 14 debut date, the Sister Wives clan suddenly looks intact.

Even the seating around that table seems purposely done. Robyn doesn’t sit next to Kody Brown, if she did it might give the impression she’s there with him as a couple visiting the other wives.

Expect Happiness in New Season?

To grab the viewers back into the show, this probably had to happen. With all the chatter regarding Meri on her own these days, they had to show family unity. Let’s face it, without Meri Brown, the show probably wouldn’t draw in as many viewers. So the Sister Wives needed to show harmony among the four wives and Kody Brown.

The picture denotes they’re all together and it seems to send a message. It looks like this is what you can expect in the next season, one big happy plural marriage. They all look perfectly content with each other but is that really the case? The armchair sleuths will come out in droves to see what they can find by eyeing the body language and those little innuendos when Sister Wives Season 14 rolls out.

Season 14 of the Sister Wives show debuts Sunday night, January 5, 2020, on TLC.

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