‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Up Against Broken Welcome Wagon in Season 14?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his four wives landed in Flagstaff but in Season 14 you’ll find things didn’t go as planned. The TLC spoiler promos reveal the Brown family’s landing in their new Arizona homes turned out as bumpy as their take-off from Vegas. The turbulence promised in the new season also seems to take a toll on a few of the Sister Wives spouses as the new episodes roll out.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Reveals Secret Plan

Sister Wives viewers watched last season as Kody Brown secretly had blueprints drawn up for one big house. It looks like the reveal of these plans to the four women who share him as a husband doesn’t go over well. This scene plays out in the new season on the way.

But it seems the origin of this Sister Wives plan didn’t spring from Kody’s need to have his family all under one roof. Kody Brown made a big deal about this togetherness last season.

It seems this big house might be the only thing to save the Sister Wives tribe as they begin the season. The TLC previews put the Kody Brown family on the cusp of a financial disaster.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

More Drama in Season 14 Than You Can Shake a Stick At?

TLC suggests things get more dramatic for Kody Brown in Sister Wives Season 14 than they’ve ever been. One of the Sister Wives ladies is driven from their rental home by neighbors. So much for hearing the angels sing in Flagstaff. Of course, that statement was made while the Browns stood on Coyote Pass.

Fans not only get to see how the neighbors drive one of the four wives away but they get to see Kody’s reaction to this. Veteran viewers of the Sister Wives show know that Kody defends his family.

So depending on how this ousting goes down, you might find Kody Brown a bit unsettled over this. TLC’s Sister Wives offers just enough info to pull the viewer in. You don’t know which of the wives is uprooted by the neighbors and you don’t know why.

Three of Kody Brown’s wives live in rental homes. Christine purchased her home in Flagstaff before moving from Vegas. So this lets her out. News over the past few months indicated that both Robyn and Meri’s individual landlords sold the homes they rented.

So both Robyn and Meri relocated for the second time in Flagstaff. Maybe it’s one of these Sister Wives women who felt the wrath of neighbors?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Not as Welcomed as Hoped?

Flagstaff residents have offered up their thoughts on Kody Brown’s Sister Wives clan moving into their neck of the woods a few times on social media. It seems people don’t have a problem with polygamous marriage.

What turned out as a problem is the cameras and crew invading their city. Even before the Sister Wives came to Flagstaff, news broke that two of the wives’ landlords banned filming on their rental property. This followed with landlords selling the rental homes out from under two of Kody’s wives, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown.

This meant both Meri and Robyn needed to find new housing in Flagstaff. Now with news that one of the wives’ neighbors drove her out of the rental home, you have to wonder. Their new hometown doesn’t sound very welcoming for Kody Brown or his Sister Wives brood.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Since the last season of Sister Wives came to a close, Meri looks like an independent woman online. But the previews for Season 14 indicate Meri returns to therapy with Kody Brown in an attempt to get their marriage back on track.

What fans want to know – did this work? From the seemingly solo life Meri presents on her sites, you might think it didn’t work. But this is a TLC reality show. This channel has kept things under wraps so tight that it seems they got it down to an exact science.

Meri Brown fans applaud her newfound independence highlighted on her Instagram account. But when Season 14 arrives, this is the true test.

This therapy might be the journey she took to come to the realization it’s time to fly solo. Or this therapy might have left her enjoying her marriage to Kody once again. While TLC announced the therapy in the Sister Wives previews, they steered clear of the outcome.

Sister Wives: The Biggest Piece of the Pie

Kody Brown’s big house doesn’t fly with the women of Sister Wives but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

The TLC previews show an argument erupts over the division of their new property among the wives. TLC doesn’t mention the property by name. So is it Coyote Pass single homes or the amount of space each wife is allotted in the big house causing the anger?

Don’t forget, fans learned from the last season that there’s one area of Coyote Pass that contains woods. So do the Sister Wives fight over who gets the property with trees? Or do they argue over who gets the section of the big house overlooking the trees?

If it’s the trees they fight about then Kody’s words come back to bite him. Last season while drawing up the big house plans, Kody chuckled when the draftsperson mentioned the wooded area.

He said his wives wouldn’t care which of them landed nearer the trees in their new home. Was the leader of the Brown clan wrong about that?

Season 14 of Sister Wives rolls out on TLC Sunday night, January 5.

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