‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Idea of a Fifth Wife Clashed with the Other Four

Sister Wives star Kody Brown married Robyn Brown and shortly after that, the question of a fifth wife started to circulate online and still is today. Plenty of rumors had Kody scoping out another wife through the decade of Sister Wives seasons. But he’s yet to make some lady out there the newest addition to his plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Not An Easy Catch?

From what Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown have to say, there’s no fifth wife in their plans. First of all, it can’t be all that easy. They’d have to find someone appealing to the five different personalities in this marriage. Then she’d have to fall in love with Kody to become the Sister Wives fifth wife.

Hey, the four wives of Kody Brown all fell in love with him so it’s not an impossible feat. Still, a prospective Sister Wives’ spouse will have to like kids since she’d be getting all 18 of them as part of her package deal. Not to mention the grandchildren, as the married older kids will probably soon add to the two they have already.

Kody wasn’t always seen as irresistible when courting the ladies. Christine Brown shared in “The Making of Sister Wives” book how she suffered when first falling for the man she’d eventually marry. She felt overlooked when Kody embarked on two other engagements before hers years ago.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Lovelorn Future Sister Wife Didn’t Think She Had a Chance

Christine wasn’t Kody Brown’s wife yet, she wasn’t even in his scope at the time. Although she was secretly in love with him. Christine was in the same circle of friends with Meri and Kody. Back then, she adored him from afar.

Then Meri and Kody started hanging out with a teenage girl who they intended on making his second wife. They waited until she turned 18 before they became engaged. This would have been the start of the Sister Wives plural marriage.

This destroyed Christine’s hopes of ever becoming a wife of Kody Brown. The girl was young, thin, and pretty. Christine admits she was overweight at the time and felt this girl had it all over her in the looks department.

But it wasn’t in the cards, they broke it off about a week before the wedding. But then the same thing happened with Janelle. The love of Christine’s life told her that he was crazy about Janelle. So she endured yet another Sister Wives wedding where she wasn’t the bride.

But as Sister Wives fans know, Kody would eventually marry Christine. While Robyn Brown came later into the Sister Wives tribe, she was someone Meri Brown picked out. The first wife of the Sister Wives worked her magic match-making skills to integrate a fourth wife into the family.

Kody Brown’s Parade of Possible Brides Nixed

Since the day Robyn became his wife, the family leader and his four wives seemed to play it safe. They didn’t have any more prospective brides on their horizon.

That’s except for Meri who tested the waters once again. She had a possible candidate that she met while out with Kody one day. But that was quickly shot down by Kody and the three other wives.

After all the Sister Wives number five wife rumors through the years, the spouses made a decision. Kody Brown and his ladies finally settled on not who but what they’d deem the fifth wife. Still, Kody had his own idea and his wives had another. But either way, that fifth wife has been with the family for years.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Wife Number Five – Two Different Camps

Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn believe the fifth wife for the Sister Wives clan is Kody’s hair. With all the attention it gets from Kody, his coiffure is right up there for taking up a good deal of his time. He starts to primp after he gets out of the shower in the morning and continues throughout the day.

But Papa Brown disagrees. He spends just about every day with what he considers his fifth wife – his sports car. They mixed things up a bit in the video above. You can see Kody in his sports car as his hair blows in the breeze. You probably can’t count the number of times the Sister Wives patriarch flips his hair, runs his hand through his hair, or looks at his hair in the mirror.

That video is from 2011 so it’s easy to see how things don’t change when it comes to Kody Brown’s priorities. His hair and his sports car still rock his world.

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