‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Shaken When Robyn Catches Another Man’s Eye

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown seemed to deliver a little push to Kody Brown when she mentioned how another man had his eye on her. He knew he loved her and that she was part of his destiny. But Kody planned to wait to propose marriage. That’s until Robyn dropped this bombshell in his lap.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Gave Kody Brown News of His Competition

At the beginning of the Sister Wives series, Kody was courting Robyn Brown. Their marriage was featured on the TLC reality show. But before they became engaged, it sounded like Kody Brown had some competition.

One of the problems Kody Brown had at the time was money. It seems times haven’t changed that much for Papa Brown when it comes to finances today. But back then, he also was short on money.

It seems he didn’t have enough to go around for his Sister Wives clan. He already supported three spouses, and umpteen kids when he wanted to propose to Robyn Brown.

After they courted for a while Robyn told Kody Brown about an older man from the church making inquiries about her. Kody said this rocked him to his core. So instead of waiting for Robyn’s birthday to pop the question, which he planned to do, the leader of the Sister Wives tribe did it immediately.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

A Pang of Jealousy?

Kody Brown described this man interested in Robyn as an “esteemed man” in their faith. So, it sounds a pang of jealousy prompted the man with three wives to propose to a fourth.

Although Kody said Robyn told the man she already knew her destiny. Apparently she had her future Sister Wives man in mind.

Some might suggest that by Robyn bringing this up to the Sister Wives patriarch, she was attempting to move things along. Whether that was her intention or not it worked. Kody recalls how they parked in a car under one of the billboards he tried to sell.

Apparently he sold billboard advertising back in the day. He also said it’s a tough gig to make a profit. But Robyn telling Kody that some other guy was checking her out seem to do the trick even if she didn’t mean it to.

Kody Brown sets the scene for how Robyn reacted to his proposal. First, he said that he popped the question as they sat parked in that car. He described how not only did Robyn jump out of the car, but she also started jumping around outside as well. When Kody got out, she jumped into his arms. Kody describes this as a scene of elation.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Takes a Tip From Third Wife

Kody also shares how he took a tip from Christine Brown who became his third wife of the Sister Wives bunch. Christine told Kody something she experienced while he courted her.

Kody Brown recalls how Christine insisted upon waiting until she was married before she’d kiss him. But after they were married and she was part of the Sister Wives household, she told her husband how she regretted this. She wished she kissed him before they wed.

Christine also made him promise that if he married again, he’d kiss the woman before they married.

Kody also said that when he asked Robyn to marry him he took her face in his hands and kissed her. Then she propelled herself out of the car to do her dance of joy. So, while he had every intention of asking Robyn to join his family, it appears Robyn’s news jump-started the proposal.

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