‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Herded Wives and Kids into Tiny Temp Home

Sister Wives star Kody Brown isn’t a man known for his elaborate plans, so some fans tend to describe him as a guy who acts on a whim. One of his most recent whims the fans point to was the move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

As fans suggest, he wasn’t anywhere near ready for the move. Once they arrived everything seemed to crumble. Both Meri Brown and Robyn Brown needed to move from their rental homes just months after landing in their new hometown. Meri had to move twice, to Robyn’s once after their initial move within the Flagstaff area.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Shows Lack of Planning?

While the family seemed land rich, with four beautiful building lots in their name, they still sit vacant today. The last the fans heard from the Sister Wives clan about those building lots was no decision has been made yet on just what to build.

As the last Sister Wives season came to a close, they bickered over four homes vs. the one monstrosity that Kody Brown proposed. Since that time, they filmed again for another season. But reports today indicate the land still sits dormant.

Fans also know that Kody Brown is cash strapped. So far, it’s not looking too good for that to change anytime soon. So did he act on a whim?

The last move before Flagstaff consisted of all four wives and 18 kids following Kody Brown out of town to Vegas from their home in Utah. This was a quick move. The Sister Wives adults kept this move a secret from the kids until just a few days before they relocated.

They had to leave. Polygamy was against Utah laws at the time and an investigation was underway regarding the adults from Sister Wives. But why?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Dangles Lifestyle On Nationwide TV

Apparently the state turned somewhat of a blind eye to polygamy at the time unless they were breaking other laws as well. It’s not as if they went looking for people in the polygamy lifestyle. That is unless they got wind of child brides, child endangerment, or abuse, to name a few horrific crimes.

But reports indicate that police in Lehi, Utah started an investigation concerning the Brown family immediately following the debut of the Sister Wives series. The state didn’t go after polygamous Tom Greene, the man convicted of a crime against a child until he appeared on TV as well.

Someone in law enforcement saw Greene on Dateline, the Jerry Springer Show, and Judge Judy. Green and his family talked openly about their lifestyle on those shows. The same thing happened to Kody Brown. His show opened up questions for those who enforce the laws. But Kody and his four wives were nothing at all like Green.

They basically went after Kody and his wives after they dangled Sister Wives in the face of the law. But this is what Kody wanted. He felt it was time to do away with the stigma that weighs heavily on polygamy. He also wanted to show how all who practice polygamy are not alike.

During the first few seasons, you heard the Sister Wives spouses say they are nothing like the high-profile polygamous criminals in the news around that time.

Kody Brown wanted the world to see how normal his polygamous family lives, works, and plays. Other than having four wives and what amounts to today to 18 kids, they are not that much different from a traditional family. This was Kody Brown’s message.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Another Rush Job By Kody Brown?

Once Kody Brown and his Sister Wives ladies heard about the investigation they bolted out of town. This brought them to Vegas, but they didn’t have homes to go to.

What Kody did at the time was rent a vacation home for 30 days. It sounded way too small for almost two dozen people. With only four bedrooms people were tripping over each other. That was their home base to aggressively look for homes to rent in the area.

This home sported four bedrooms. So, while each wife moved into their own room, kids were scattered for sleeping arrangements. The smaller kids slept with their moms during this time. Kody said in the book, that he and his wives penned some years ago, how the older girls slept in the family room and the older boys slept in the living room.

Kody didn’t divulge his sleeping arrangements during that time. But think about it, he moved them all into a 30-day temporary home in Vegas, just before school started. Most families of four would see that as a nightmare. But Kody uprooted almost two dozen people, all his family members.

None of the children could register for school until they produced a permanent address. Kody’s concern focused on Robyn and her kids first. He pointed out that Robyn’s kids weren’t used to living with so many people. He also said that they moved twice with Robyn before this move. So, Kody decided to settle Robyn first.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown - Christine Brown

Foundation Laid For Future Sister Wives Jealousy?

While chaotic, it all worked out for the Sister Wives patriarch this time. Kody was able to get them all settled in their own homes in the school district they wanted. They were also able to leave the rental home in the contracted 30 days. But what a way to live.

It would be hard enough to settle one family in 30 days never mind four Sister Wives households. During the time they were all in that rental home together, Kody called it a struggle. Four women suddenly thrust together sharing one kitchen sounded at best uncomfortable.

Settling Robyn before the rest of the wives also seems to speak to the jealousy that bubbled up over the newer younger wife. It sounds as if Kody Brown played favorites with this move, as fans suggest throughout the seasons.

For sure Robyn’s kids must have had a rough time moving again. But reports seem to indicate the other Sister Wives kids also struggled, not just Robyn’s kids. Kody did admit this move shock their family to their foundation.

So, but as fans see today, they endured. When the TLC reality series returns, fans will see how they’ve settled into yet another town and state.

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