‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Adult Kids Rattle Cages – Second Generation Spinoff?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown shared a decade of child-rearing with the TLC cameras and now the first crop of kids are themselves, adults. Kody had the luxury of four wives raising his children so the kids grew up experiencing many different outlooks from five parents.

Kody Brown’s Sister Wives Family Offers New Crop of Adults

Up until the last few Sister Wives seasons, the kids stayed pretty much in the background. Occasionally one of the kids got the spotlight. But Kody Brown said they usually had an interesting storyline unfolding for one of the children to warrant extended time in front of the camera.

Sister Wives’ followers had plenty to focus on during this last break in between seasons when it came to the Sister Wives adult kids. Even a couple of the Brown family teens managed to raise a few eyebrows with a post or two on social media.

With the buzz growing around Kody Brown’s offspring across the social media platform, will TLC  branch out into Sister Wives spinoffs? This new crop of Brown family adults certainly has some ripe storylines to share.

More Drama Spins Now That 12 Kids Are Over 18-Years-Old

Without drama, the Sister Wives series would have found its way out to pasture long ago. If Kody Brown’s wives were content in the kitchen baking cookies all day, this wouldn’t be much of a show.

But you put a couple of wives in tears feeling slighted by their shared husband, people gravitate. The Sister Wives clan now has 12 kids over the age of 18 and several of these adult kids sparked a bit of drama lately.

Paedon Brown, 22, the son of Kody and Christine Brown, revealed he can’t stand his sister Mariah Brown, 25. This came about after Mariah vowed to disown any family member who votes against her wishes.

According to the social media buzz, Kody Brown’s family members don’t affiliate themselves with just one political party. So, it looks as if someone is bound to go against Mariah’s wishes this election day.

Then Mykelti Brown Padron, 24, recently revealed that her brother Paedon once worked for her. But she fired him. After Paedon’s post about how he couldn’t stand Mariah, Gwendlyn Brown, 19, came out swinging. She lambasted an unnamed person but fans surmised it was Paedon she had in her verbal scope.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Tweets

Sister Wives: Drama Ripe for Spinoffs?

It’s not just their siblings the Sister Wives offspring have issues with. Maddie Brown Brush, 24, had some horrific words to say about a “monster” she grew up with. This came on the heels of Meri Brown posting a reprimand about someone not taking their job seriously. Maddie sold the same line of clothing that Meri did and she was on Meri’s team at the time.

So, Meri suggested in an online message that this unnamed person stop taking this job as a hobby. Then Maddie came out to blast an unnamed person saying she was a “monster” and “abusive” during Maddie’s childhood. The post didn’t mention Meri Brown’s name but it gave enough info for fans to attach Meri’s name to it.

The post above dropped jaws as it doesn’t sugar-coat a thing. Maddie posted it last year, so it wasn’t all that long ago. It sure looks as if there’s enough drama to get a spinoff going between all the angst bubbling up within the Sister Wives tribe.

Since it seems there are just too many people with too many storylines to cover in just one series, why not make two? Except for a few fans suggesting this would work for TLC, nothing remotely official is offered regarding a spinoff of the Sister Wives. But maybe Kody Brown will take a hint from their viewers.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Easy Sell For Kody?

Kody is the CEO and owner of Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC. He is credited with keeping the Sister Wives on the air for more than a decade. After Season 11, TLC pulled the plug on the show. Kody went in and reportedly made a deal the network couldn’t refuse. Up until that point, each adult collected a salary of $180,000 per season.

Kody offered to do the next season for just one of those salaries. He reportedly cut the family’s price from $900,000 (5 x $180,000) to just $180,000. The rest is history – it worked and Season 15 is next to roll out. While their salary probably went back up, it’s not known today just what they make per season.

So Kody’s negotiating skills appear intact and with all the storylines going on in his family right now, a spinoff would cover more ground. While it looks like there’s plenty of drama, there are also inspirational storylines as well.

Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss plan their wedding, which is another Sister Wives event in the future. Mykelti and Tony Padron expect their first child in March. This makes grandchild number three for Kody and his wives.

Maddie Brown Brush - Evie Brush

Sister Wives: Inspirational Journey

One of the most inspirational journeys to come along in a while on reality tv unfolds for Maddie and Caleb Brush. Their daughter Evie Brush already started her journey. She’s in the process of fittings for a prosthetic limb after a foot amputation. Every six months, she’ll get a new one to accompany her growth.

This one-year-old angelic-looking little girl has a long journey ahead of her. She was born with FATCO, a rare disorder where bones are missing. But she couldn’t have been born to better parents than Maddie and Caleb. This Sister Wives couple educated themselves on everything available about this disorder. Now they set out to give Evie the best treatment for her future mobility.

So, Kody Brown can easily get his salesman’s hat out of the closet and sell a spinoff. For the Sister Wives audience, new storylines are more than welcome. The family moving and moving again seems to wear thin when it comes to entertainment value.

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