‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Is Just What Kody Deserves Says Co-Wife

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown sounds like she’s considered the complete package for Kody Brown by another co-wife in a surprising reveal. Veteran watchers of the TLC reality show know all too well about the jealousy factor among the ladies on this TLC series. The Sister Wives audience watched as tempers flared due to jealousy sparked by Robyn’s entrance into the family. That offered the drama that kept the viewers coming back.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown An Offering For Kody Brown?

The Sister Wives ladies’ attitudes changed over time. But one description of Robyn Brown joining the family that came from one of her co-brides seems a bit odd. Or it did to followers when Christine Brown explained this several years back in a book the Sister Wives adults penned together.

Christine made Kody Brown out to be her everything. She claimed her Sister Wives’ husband was the most important person in her life. She wrapped her world in her hubby but she felt cast aside when a new bride came on board. Back then she worried that Robyn took her place and monopolized a lot of his time.

But she ended up rationalizing Kody and his younger spouse in what Sister Wives fans thought sounded strange at the time. It seems this third woman to marry Kody Brown looked at Robyn almost like a gift he deserved.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

One Spouse Deals With Her Devastation

Despite her heartbroken state of mind from thinking his new spouse took her place, Christine put her husband back up on the Sister Wives pedestal. Christine repeated time and time again how she always wanted to be the third to marry into a plural marriage. But she finally confessed how she also wanted to be the last bride on board.

After a long period of time nagging and nit-picking her shared husband, Christine said that she reduced him’ to tears. He told her how he wanted his best friend back. Although she still felt as if Robyn swept down and took her place, she did what she thought best for Kody.

She realized that Robyn was tops when it came to kindness, generosity, and spiritual intellect. Christine said she would not let Kody marry a lesser woman. She also saw how much in love her hubby was with his newest spouse. This was enough for her to accept Robyn into the family. This also sounds like what sent Christine over the edge during the early episodes of the show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Showing Off Muscles

Sister Wives: Kody Held Above All Else?

Christine felt Kody deserved his happiness with Robyn and stopped complaining to him. It seems that Kody’s happiness outweighed anything the third bride of the Sister Wives clan was going through at the time.

Mortified fans commented on the patriarch’s behavior with his new bride when the series first graced the TLC network. Once married, the fans suggested he acted like a love-starved teen around her.

While the fans got to see only scenes of this, the Sister Wives ladies lived it 24/7. So viewers understood why the other women were showing signs of jealousy. But it seems at least one bride was able to rationalize feeling pushed aside in favor of someone new. Or so Christine says. Up until she explained herself in the book, fans thought she still harbored some pain over this.

Because she made Kody so happy, Christine put her own happiness aside and writes that her husband deserves his new marriage. Fans found it hard to fathom. Some thought she made it sound more like she considered Robyn Brown as a gift for this shared hubby. Although, it didn’t appear that way on the screen.

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