‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Acts Helpless Around Kody, Suggests Co-Wife

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown deals with her shared husband a bit differently than her co-wives as she switches to a mode of helplessness. While the Sister Wives fans may have witnessed this on the screen, this observation also came from Janelle Brown.

Viewers suspected jealousy among the Sister Wives ladies from the start of the show. But it seems as if the red flags popped up all over the place during the third season of the TLC series.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Conjures Up Jealousy?

By this time fans heard Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown sing an overwhelming amount of praises about their lifestyle. They also heard that jealousy does pop up. But these four women pride themselves on dealing with jealousy issues on a mature level.

But fans didn’t always see it that way. Like the time when Kody Brown took his four wives on an outing furniture shopping. The Sister Wives patriarch seems stuck in a vortex of never-ending financial woes. Even back then he cried the money blues. But yet, he decided he could afford a new room of furniture for each wife.

During this shopping trip, it seemed some built-up jealousy emerged over Robyn Brown, the new and younger Sister Wives spouse. Then another event also offered proof that jealousy remains alive and well.

So, despite Kody Brown’s ladies claiming they have a handle on jealousy, they didn’t show much evidence of this during a Sister Wives tour of the homes.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Yeah… The Wives Became Creeped Out

During an interview around the time season three played out, the ladies finally admitted that they get creeped out by each other’s bedrooms. They don’t enter each other’s master bedrooms for that reason. It’s a reminder that their husband gets intimate with other women.

So during that house tour, a pregnant Robyn Brown standing in her bedroom offered a reminder of Kody making the rounds. This was also the scene where the wives spotted something their shared husband left behind on her nightstand. This creeped out all the Sister Wives‘ women. It also put a look of embarrassment on Robyn’s face.

While jealousy seemed alive and well among the wives, they still claimed it wasn’t. But during this shopping trip, Janelle, who is probably the last Sister Wives member you’d expect to say anything, revealed her thoughts on Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shocking Reveal

While Kody shopped with one Sister Wives’ co-wife at a time, the other women talked to the TLC cameras. Janelle Brown didn’t think this shopping spree worked well with their budget. But she shopped alongside the family just as well.

She also explained the shopping behaviors of her co-wives, along with Kody Brown. The second wife of the Sister Wives tribe equated herself with Kody and how he shops.

Janelle describes her ways in a store as being just like a guy. She picks what she wants, buys it, and leaves. But Janelle said Robyn has a way of being kind of helpless around their shared husband. It seems Papa Brown responds to that, so it works well for Robyn.

Janelle’s little diddy sounded to fans that it carried an undertone of jealousy. But she came back with a semi-compliment for her younger Sister Wives cohort.

She said how Robyn’s helpless mode seems to bring out a tenderness in Kody Brown. So, Janelle gave a bit of slam to Robyn but reeled it back in somewhat by saying she brings out their husband’s tenderness. While she did say something positive to end her chat, she did reveal how Robyn acts helpless to get the attention of Kody Brown.

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