Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Pregnancy Chatter Grows – She’s Gone Invisible Online After Pic Causes Stir

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has people questioning her latest photo to emerge online, which was posted by another wife of Kody Brown. Robyn’s social media sites remain dormant. It seems Kody Brown’s fourth wife suddenly went quiet online several months ago. Two photos of Robyn Brown recently popped up online. But they were both posted by other members of the Sister Wives brood.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Steering Clear of Online World?

Robyn Brown’s business, My Sister Wife’s Closet, remains closed for orders. When you enter the website, it offers an excuse for not taking any orders right now. A pop-up note relays that they are busy “updating the store.”

But that same message has popped up now for months on the store’s website. While Kody Brown claims the store belongs to all five spouses in this Sister Wives plural marriage, it sounds like it’s really Robyn’s baby.

The youngest wife of the Kody Brown tribe designs jewelry. She sells her designs on the online site. But for the last several months, it looks like Robyn Brown has gone dark online. Not only is her store is closed for orders, but she hasn’t posted on her Instagram site since early March.

But over the fourth of July weekend, Janelle Brown posted a picture of her fellow co-wives at a parade and Robyn sat among them. You can see the photo below. This is the photo that got fans asking about what might be Robyn’s baby bump. Next to the parade picture is a photo of Robyn the day they moved to Flagstaff, for comparison.


Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Brown Family

Who’s That in the Nanny Hat?

Janelle snapped the picture that showed Christine Brown, Robyn Brown, and a bunch of the Brown kids of all ages sitting waiting for the parade. While the comments directed at the Sister Wives co-spouses reflected all sorts of things, a few asked if Robyn was pregnant in that photo. One comment just came out and said it – Robyn looks pregnant.

The fans don’t know if Robyn expects another baby or not. No one from the Kody Brown family addressed the latest chatter that suggests Kody Brown’s youngest wife is having another baby. No one from the Sister Wives clan either confirmed or denied the fans’ observations.

If Robyn is in the family way there are a few reasons that might have her keeping a pregnancy under wraps. First of all, Madison Brown Brush is expecting her second child. Maybe Robyn and her shared husband, Kody Brown, don’t want to steal her thunder from the online world. But one reason makes the most sense – a new season is on the way.

While TLC offers nothing official yet about Sister Wives new Season 14, basically the confirmation came from someone else. One of Kody Brown’s teen daughters, Gwendlyn Brown, offered a nod when asked about a new season. She answered a fan online who asked if there are more Sister Wives on the way. Gwendlyn offered up what she called a hint – “yes.”

Sister Wives: Maybe Kody Brown Not About to Steal the Thunder?

But Mariah Brown offered up hints to this even before her teen sister’s reveal. She told her social media followers how much she loved the camera crew filming them in Chicago. Then a Chicago newspaper wrote an article about the Sister Wives filming in the Windy City.

TLC won’t reveal another season of the reality show Sister Wives much before a few weeks to a month before the premiere date. That’s if history offers any indication.    So can you see the promos now if Robyn Brown is having Kody Brown’s baby number 19?

That’s quite the carrot to dangle in front of the fans. It’s sure to entice them to tune into another season of Sister Wives. Again, only if the observations made from that one picture ring true. So it looks like fans will need to wait until another season premiere of Sister Wives rolls around to find out for sure.

Again, when using history, which has a habit of repeating itself, as an indicator, the new season could roll out as soon as September. If that is the case then fans can look for TLC to make the big “they’re back” announcement sometime in mid-August.

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