‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Sprouts Baby Bump in New Pic?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown emerged in a new pic over the Fourth of July holiday and fans think she’s sporting a baby bump. The last time the fans got to see Kody Brown‘s wife Robyn, she was moving into that rented million dollar mansion in Flagstaff. She was slender at the time.

The latest Sister Wives group picture to emerge seems to indicate Robyn Brown’s put on some weight. But it’s where that weight is showing most that have fans honing in on what looks like a baby bump. A picture of Robyn from this week and a photo from the first day at her new home in Flagstaff below shows the comparison.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Showing a Baby Bump?

If Robyn is having a baby, it might explain a few things, like why she’s missing from recent family events. When the family went to Disneyland recently Meri, Janelle, Christine and Kody Brown showed up in photos with the Brown kids. Robyn wasn’t in any of the photos posted online from that Sister Wives family vacation.

It was also suggested the youngest wife of the Sister Wives clan might be experiencing morning sickness over the past few months. Kody Brown and three of his four wives were seen in a family picture with Aspyn Brown Thompson at her graduation.

Robyn Brown was the only one out of her four moms who missed the event. When this started chatter online, Aspyn jumped in to explain to the Sister Wives followers what happened that day. She said Robyn woke up not feeling well so she missed the ceremony but they expected her to join the family later to celebrate.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Brown Family


It Might Explain Recent Missed Events

Her absence at these events sparked questions from fans of Sister Wives. Viewers suggested that maybe Robyn Brown is pregnant.  When recently asked if she planned on another baby, Robyn didn’t say yes or no. She said that she left that decision up to a higher power to decide. So it looks as if another pregnancy for Robyn Brown is not out of the realm of possibility. This fourth wife of Kody Brown is 40.

Then on Father’s Day this year, both Kody Brown and Meri Brown were at Robyn’s house. It looks like they attended to the two youngest Brown kids. Ariella Mae Brown is 3-years-old and the youngest of the Sister Wives brood. She’s still in diapers, according to Kody’s post. Her brother Solomon Kody Brown is 7-years-old. They are the biological children of Kody and Robyn but they have four moms in this plural marriage.

On Father’s Day, Kody posted online describing how he changed a “blowout” diaper and then gave a bath to his daughter Ariella. Meri Brown posted online how she was there when Solomon took a spill on his bike and she made sure to cheer him up.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Brown Family


Sister Wives: Kody Brown on Diaper Duty

So without saying as much, it looked like both the patriarch and the matriarch of the Sister Wives were at Robyn’s house giving her a hand with the kids. She might welcome the extra comfort of help with the little ones. That is if she does have morning sickness and it keeps her from some daily activities.

Robyn Brown showed up in the latest picture just a few days ago. So it seems fans are putting two and two together. A few Sister Wives viewers suggest that Robyn might be pregnant. This is after they took a gander at the picture of her at a parade with Christine and a group of the kids.

The On-Going Question

Is Robyn Brown pregnant? – This is a question that pops up every few months online. But this time there’s a picture that might suggest a baby bump for this Sister Wives spouse. But that’s not all the fans got out of this photo. Some didn’t like her hat.

Some fans couldn’t help but suggest Robyn can do without the “nanny hat”. But it is keeping her face out of the sun. So the question swirls online today – Is Robyn pregnant with child number 19 for the Kody Brown family?

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