‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Missing As Other Wives Dig Out Hubby?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown is nowhere in sight online as her three co-wives scramble to raise cash to help the family. Kody Brown made no secret they’ve got a cash flow dilemma both on the Sister Wives show and during interviews.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown the Invisible Wife in the Budget?

Recently three out of Kody Brown’s four wives created a new spin on sales aimed at their fans. But Robyn Brown is the only wife who hasn’t approached the Sister Wives followers to try and make a sale. In fact, Robyn’s been social media silent for a while.

Aside from seeing Robyn on the last season, she’s invisible to fans for the most part. The latest attempt at raising cash came from Meri Brown. She now sells used clothes to the Sister Wives fans. While Meri sells a certain brand of clothes, usually the items are new.

She started selling clothes that she previously had on her own back. Meri Brown sold these prior worn items to her followers during her last live sales program.

But Sister Wives customers get more than second-hand goods. Also, Meri offered tidbits of history with each item sold. She listed the time and place where she last wore the clothes.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

A Sale With a Story

The first Brown wife let prospective buyers know some history on the used clothing. For instance, she’ll show a pic with her wearing a shirt she’s selling. Or she says what Sister Wives episode she wore that blouse. Then, she offers up the lightly-worn top for sale.

That little extra story that goes along with the attire may entice more sales. Meri’s creative sale tactics come on the heels of Janelle Brown selling Cameos to any of her followers.

Janelle announced her new gig this week on her social channels. But even before that, another wife was hard at work. And, it wasn’t Robyn Brown. Instead of Robyn, it was Christine.

Christine Brown shouted out to her fans. She let them know they’re helping pay for her daughter’s surgery with every sale she makes.

Christine said she needs $50,000 for a “down payment” on the surgery. It sounds as if it is a co-pay because she said that $50K is what she owes after the insurance pays their part.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Robyn Closed Up Shop

It looks like these three Sister Wives ladies all stepped up to the plate to make extra money. But Kody’s fourth and youngest wife, Robyn Brown, hasn’t even opened her online store to make an attempt to help.

Robyn’s online store, My Sister Wife’s Closet, temporarily closed. But that’s been over a year ago. The last activity from Robyn on her site was March 2019.

So, Robyn hasn’t reopened her online shop to help with family money issues. It doesn’t appear as if Robyn Brown attempted any other venture to deal with reported family money problems, as far as it looks like online.

Christine Brown confirmed that Sister Wives is currently filming Season 15. While TLC hasn’t offered any news on the reality series, history indicates the next season will probably roll out sometime in January. No doubt, we’ll see Robyn Brown then.

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