‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Sells Cameos – Are Family Finances That Tough?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is probably the last person you’d expect to offer herself up for a Cameo but she announced this today. She might be the last Sister Wives member to cross your mind to sign up for a celebrity video gig. But she’s probably also the first choice of the fans.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Surprises Fans

Janelle Brown writes that she’s been thinking about this for a while. So now she’s going to give it a shot. If the Brown family decided to test the waters of this celebrity app that sells personal videos, they picked the right pioneer.

If fans would gravitate toward anyone of the Sister Wives adult members, it’s Janelle Brown. People just love Janelle because she appears so genuine. If she does well will the other members of Sister Wives follow? If there’s money to be made then why not?

It’s exciting for the Sister Wives followers to see Janelle offer herself up for this service. But it also brings up concerns. Is this family so dire in need of money that Janelle Brown would do this?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Out Of the Norm for This Wife?

While Janelle is very accommodating to fans, she’s also a very private person. That’s in comparison to the other Sister Wives spouses. But if times are tough, you do things you normally wouldn’t do when you need to feed your family.

Kody Brown was once in online advertising. But it looks like he has another full-time gig that replaced that. He handles the Sister Wives finances under an LLC company that’s named after him. It’s called Kody Brown Family Entertainment.

If times are that tough, there can’t be much money to handle. The Brown clan has several mortgages and two rents to pay each month. So, this family sounds as if things went downhill even more since the last season based on what Janelle’s doing now.

Kody interrupted a live sales show Meri Brown embarked on with her Sister Wives online followers. When he barged in he didn’t seem to care that the camera rolled. He just complained to Meri about his stress. He looked and sounded frazzled when telling his first wife how he can’t sleep at night.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Are Times This Tough?

Not long after that, the Sister Wives patriarch complained that the pandemic put a damper on a few of their businesses. Recent reports put Meri Brown and Christine Brown’s clothing line sales in jeopardy. This is due to some class-action lawsuits on the company. So, is Janelle helping out the family?

Reports of Kody and Robyn Brown taking out an urgent $150,000 loan on their new home also added to the fans’ suspicion. of really tough times. Then Christine Brown asked her followers to buy as much as they can of her clothing line and said it would cover the much-needed surgery for one of her daughters.

Christine claimed she needed a $50,000 down payment after health insurance pays their part. All of this seems to suggest a cash flow problem for the Sister Wives clan. So, you’ve got to hand it to Janelle Brown, as it looks like she’s trying to help the family with her new gig.

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