‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Mysterious Update – Robyn Only Wife Not Mentioned

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared all her co-wives whereabouts in her lastest post except for Robyn Brown despite fans asking about her. Janelle Brown posted a photo that offers a beautiful view of her daily walking journey. But she also said in the caption that Christine Brown is at the beach, while Janelle is in the Flagstaff mountains.

Fans hopped on her post with a slew of Sister Wives questions. But many of these inquiries she can’t answer due to TLC’s nondisclosure contract. Still, Janelle did answer one fan when they pointed out how she mentioned Christine’s location but not Meri Brown or Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Answers Half of Fan’s Question

Janelle chimed in that Meri was actually with her on that walk when she snapped that photo. But that was it. She skipped right over Robyn without a mention, which is unlike Janelle.

It’s Meri Brown who has her Sister Wives followers trained to decipher her cryptic messages. You’d expect something from more from Janelle. Usually, she might say something like she’s not sure what Robyn’s up to, but her little ones keep her busy.

It seemed odd to some Sister Wives enthusiasts how she seemingly bypassed Robyn altogether. This just adds more mystery to Robyn Brown today.

Since the end of the last season, Kody Brown shows up in posts or a video with Janelle, Christine, and Meri. But nothing popped up showing Kody with Robyn.

The viewers of the Sister Wives series remember how upset Robyn was during a good portion of the last season. Finance problems plagued the Brown family last season. Kody claimed mortgages and rents left them in dire straits.

But landlord problems pushed Robyn Brown over the edge as she needed to find a new place to live. While the other wives seemed to cope with Kody’s less than stellar financial planning, Robyn seemed to come apart at the seams.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Pic of Walking Trail

Fans Bark Up Wrong Tree?

During the final episode of the last season, it looked as if Kody had problems with two wives when they didn’t show up for the final couch session. Both Meri and Robyn were nowhere to be found.

Kody, Christine, and Janelle Brown did their best to entice people back for the next season of the series. They didn’t air a “Tell All” segment as usual, so that couch segment became the closest thing to that missing episode.

Robyn cried so much during the last several Sister Wives episodes that calling her unhappy seemed like an understatement. While fans wonder if Meri Brown plans to hang in there with Kody, maybe they’re barking up the wrong tree.

Meri said time and time again she’s not leaving the Sister Wives family. But maybe the viewers were looking at the wrong wife. Did Janelle Brown unintentionally offer a clue about Robyn and the family?

Kody Brown and Christine, Meri, and Janelle offered their religious reasons in the past for riding out this plural marriage. Even when times looked bleak, they stayed together.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Did It Once Before

Robyn Brown divorced her first husband. While she was his only wife, there would have been more if they had a strong marriage. The fourth wife pointed this out in the book that the Sister Wives spouses penned together a while back.

Theories grow abundant online as to why Robyn seemingly disappeared from any mention. The original three co-wives and their husband haven’t mentioned a thing online about the fourth wife of the Sister Wives tribe. Since the close of the last season, it appears Kody’s youngest wife hides from the public eye.

This cropped up theories, starting with Robyn being pregnant with Brown child number 19. Some fans even suggested she might be sick, and this is the reason she’s mysteriously gone dark online.

Since both Christine and Janelle confirmed the filming of a new season, it looks like fans need to wait. It won’t take long after the new Sister Wives season begins to figure out what is going on with Robyn Brown.

As theories suggest, she may or may not be part of the show. Or she could show up about to give birth to baby number 19. Then again, maybe she’ll already have a newborn in her arms.

Or, the more likely scenario—this is the Sister Wives, so Robyn can show up as if nothing at all happened. The drama keeps the fans interested, so Robyn staying in the dark online since last season creates a lot of drama, more than enough to entice fans back.

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