‘Sister Wives’: Did Kody Brown Go Too Far to Avoid Failure?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown just left himself wide open for fans to swipe at him after his need to succeed seems to come before anything else. A new video surfaced from TLC that shows the Sister Wives patriarch partaking in a fatherly event. But Kody’s reactions probably won’t make the grade when it comes to some parents out there.

Sister Wives: Why Won’t Kody Brown Take No for an Answer?

The video starts out with Kody attempting to fix a kid’s bike but he quickly deems it as trash. Then it’s time to teach Truely Brown to get on a bike and ride. Apparently Kody Brown bought a new bike for his daughter for this Sister Wives father-daughter event.

There’s only one problem – little Truely Brown does not want to learn this skill. It appears everything about bike riding scares this daughter from Sister Wives. But that doesn’t stop her determined father.

While the protests from Truely don’t stop throughout the entire time Kody Brown attempts this feat, he doesn’t stop. At one point when Truely is crying and says to her dad that she doesn’t want to do this, Kody tells her “that’s too bad”. So why won’t Kody let his daughter walk away from this as she’s obviously upset?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Truely Brown

Truely Brown Fearful of Bike Riding

While kids usually can’t wait to learn to ride a bike, Truely, who is 9, for some reason seems fearful to do so. The Sister Wives’ dad even tries Truely out with a smaller bike. He uses the one belonging to her younger brother Solomon Brown. This is also to no avail.

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At one point Kody is pictured on the Sister Wives video holding Truely up on the bike and running. This really seems to scare her. She doesn’t want to go this fast she tells her father.

Truely claps back at her father, who at one point tells her there’s no crying in baseball. A tearful Truely looks up at her dad to say this is not baseball. This Sister Wives offspring just doesn’t want to ride a bike.

This little girl had quite a few tearful comebacks for the patriarch of the Sister Wives tribe. She tells him as he’s pushing her along on the bike that she doesn’t want to learn.

Kody Brown tells her that she is going to learn. When she protests that this should be her choice. Kody tells her she’s not old enough to choose.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Pushes Too Far?

Before Kody started this lesson, he expressed how Christine Brown said Truely has some issues with riding a bike. Christine recognized this about her daughter. But it seemed as if Kody was bound and determined to break her out of those fears.

Finally, after many protests and tears from his little girl, a now frustrated Kody tells her to go into the house. At this point, he claims he’s been a father long enough to realize there are some underlying issues about the bike riding for Truely.

While Kody was bound and determined to teach Truely, what fueled this need? Was he hoping to help Truely conquer her fears?

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Or was it his need not to fail at this task that kept him pushing the Sister Wives’ daughter to ride the bike? You decide once watching the video. Check out a new episode on Sunday nights on TLC at 10 pm EST.

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