‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Loses His Patience with Daughter Truely in Rare Daddy Moment [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is rarely shown spending time with his young daughter Truely Brown. He’s the husband to 4 wives and the father to 18 children. On his family’s hit TLC show it’s not often we see Kody interact much with any of his children. Plus, it’s even rarer to see Kody have teachable moments with his younger children.

Although Kody Brown is the father of 18, only 10 of the kids made the move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. And of those 10 only 3 are under the age of 10. The other 7 are well into their teens.

It’s pretty clear the Sister Wives kids learn more day to day things from their moms. So it’s a rare treat when TLC’s Sister Wives captures Kody Brown in full-fledged dad mode. Here’s a glimpse into Kody Brown attempting to teach his youngest kids a basic life skill.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Attempts To Teach Truely Brown To Ride A Bike

Sister Wives’ father Kody Brown gathers his three youngest kids, Truely Brown, Solomon Brown and Ariella Brown, at his legal wife Robyn Brown’s house. He’s determined to teach Solomon and Truely how to ride a bike. At the time this was filmed Truely was 9 and Solomon was 7. So it was an ideal time to teach both this right of passage skill.

So to prepare to teach Truely to ride, Sister Wives’ dad Kody Brown takes her to buy her bike. He hopes that will help get her motivated. After all attempts by her mother, Christine Brown was unsuccessful. So now its Kody’s turn to step up his dad game. However, Truely Brown is not taking well to the activity like her younger brother. This causes Kody to lose his patience.

Truely Brown Melts Down

One of the youngest of the Sister Wives children, Truely Brown is easily frustrated while spending time with her father. Although Kody tried to make it a special day for her with a trip to buy her new bike, Truely is not having fun. She starts crying when she cannot grasp the skill. Kody tries his best to make jokes, reassure her, and not lose his patience. Sadly Truely was inconsolable. She just wanted to go inside the house and call it quits.

Sister Wives fans recall this, not the first time Truely had one of these meltdowns. A few episodes back we saw her react similarly when her older sister, Gwendlyn Brown, received a puppy for Christmas. Truely Brown was jealous and angry because she wanted a kitten. So clearly there is a pattern of behavior for Christine and Kody’s youngest daughter. Kody even said he realizes something more serious is underlying Truely’s behavior. So he plans to have a chat with her mom about this situation.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown

Sister Wives: Kody’s Children Not Adjusting Well To Flagstaff

Truely Brown is not the only one of the Sister Wives offspring to have issues since the move to Flagstaff. In last week’s episode, we learned her older sister Aurora Brown had a panic attack on camera. We learned she has several times a week since the relocation. Additionally, Christine has said almost all of her girls have really struggled since leaving Las Vegas.

In hindsight, it surely looks that Kody Brown failed to properly plan and prepare his Sister Wives and children for this upheaval. He promised them it would in the family’s best interest. However, so far we have yet to see any positives from the Browns move.

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