‘Sister Wives’: 9 Year Old Truely Brown Has an Instagram Account – Fans React

Sister Wives’ Truely Brown, the youngest daughter of Christine Brown and Kody Brown, has an Instagram account. Let’s not forget Truely Brown is only 9 years old. Also, noteworthy is that she’s had this account for well over a year. That means that she was just 8 years old when she entered the social media scene. SW fans, of course, have varied reactions to such a young girl who is in the public eye having such a public online presence. Here’s what we know about Truely Brown’s social media profile.

Sister Wives Update: Truely Brown Has Her Own Instagram Account

Sister Wives’ daughter Truely Brown is one of the youngest of the ten Brown children living in Flagstaff. In fact, only Ariella Brown and Solomon Brown are younger. So it comes as a shock to many fans of the family’s TLC show that the nine-year-old has her own Instagram profile and has had one for well over a year.

The account is not a private account either. So, anyone can follow the young girl.  According to the account description, it’s run by Truely’s older sister Ysabel Brown. However, Ysabel is just a 16-year-old teenager herself.

Truely’s account descriptions states she’s on the TV show Sister Wives. She uses hashtags to let the world know she has four moms and is blessed. It’s in the description that she shares Ysabel runs her page. The young Brown daughter has 15.6 thousand followers.

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Unicorns are probably my favorite thing in the world (besides Mykelti of course) #unicornsarereal #truelyism #truelyknowsitall

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What Does Truely Brown Post To Her Followers?

Overall the young  Sister Wives’ star shares very age-appropriate cute grade school type stuff.  The first picture Truely posted on this account is shown above. As you can see it is a third-grader goofing off in her cool unicorn onesies and telling everyone that she loves unicorns almost as much as her big sister Mykelti Brown Patron. The other posts are also of a similar innocent nature.  We see pictures of her with her older sisters doing fun things in Flagstaff. We also see her with her bestie and with her new kitten.

However, Sister Wives followers wonder why her parents would allow such a young naive child to have an online social media presence. And what also is troublesome is Christine Brown delegated the monitoring of the account to a teenager. It seems quite a departure from Christine’s parenting style to not control something so major as a public Instagram account of a minor child. In this day and age, it just seems not the wisest decision.

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I’m twinning with my cat in this cat ear headband!! 💕😂

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Sister Wives: Fans Have Opinions On What Age Is Appropriate To Have Social Media Accounts

There is no shortage of opinions from mothers of daughters on when it is the right age to agree to let their child have an Instagram or any other social media account. Many fans agree that the maturity of the individual kid is a huge factor. However, most agree a 9-year-old is far too young to navigate the daily perils associated with an online presence. The consensus among many parents seems to be that age 14 is the right age as that’s when they start high school.

Truely’s Sister Wives life is already public enough. It’s quite a surprise Kody and Christine Brown agreed to Truely’s request. Plus it’s even more shocking that her account is public.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 pm on TLC.

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